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What Does the Near Future Hold for Enterprise iOS App Development?

30 May 2013

When it comes to the forte of mobile apps development, there is cut throat competition between the two major operating system providers – iOS and Android. While the Android market is expanding with all its might and the popularity for Android apps is soaring, there is a slight threat to the iOS app development despite the fact iOS’ niche is already dominant. Let’s find out what does the future hold for iOS app development for the enterprise users.

Innovation is the key

We can safely say that the future for iOS app development seems bright and the thing that will ensure its tight grip on the market is innovation. Apple has revolutionized mobility due to which more businesses can be seen outsourcing iOS application development today. Enterprises are able to carry out their business functions seamlessly with robust, secure iOS apps that provides iOS an edge over the Android platform.

Changing behavior patterns

Another trend in the mobile apps development field is the demand for utility and business apps has increased. Over 20% of the apps available on the App Store are Games, a close second is the Education category and Business Apps is the third top category on the Store. Gartner predicts by 2017, 25% Enterprises will have an Enterprise App Store to have greater control over the apps used by its employees and other stakeholders. This trend toward enterprises developing a comprehensive mobile strategy will impact the iOS App development market.

Stability of the platform

Although both the App Stores have over a million mobile apps, IOS Apps dominate the popularity charts and the ROI numbers. One more trend is the introduction of HTML version 5 which will enable mobile apps to climb new heights in terms of graphics and usability. Even though HTML 5 is gaining popularity, they still do not beat the usability of native apps. Leveraging this stability factor that gives iOS an edge over its competitors, it’ll continue to push the envelope to grow a strong hold in the enterprise space.

More affluent customers

The future of iOS Apps development looks promising; with not only fortune 100 companies but many startups willing to invest money to develop their enterprise iOS apps. This trend clearly signifies that the iOS apps development scene is taking off in a large scale for businesses as well.

With Android gearing up and stepping on the gas full throttle, iOS has to be constantly on its feet to stay ahead in the race of mobile apps development. iOS is the most preferred application platform but you never know when trends change, technologies get upgraded and the competition beats the forerunner.

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