Introduction to SharePoint 2013 Mobile Capabilities

03 Jan. 2014 Microsoft Solutions

SharePoint Server 2013, including the new SharePoint Online has new and improved features for enterprise mobility that are available to improve productivity and user experience. While many of these features are worthy of a deep dive, we’ve highlighted a few mobile capabilities for you to learn more in detail.

Mark Gilbert from Gartner Research said “Sharepoint wasn’t made for mobile and that Microsoft has a sluggish response to Sharepoint mobile development”; he certainly wasn’t talking about the new Sharepoint 2013.

SharePoint 2013 is the latest release from Microsoft, offering exciting new features for social networking, content management, collaboration, and a revised Sharepoint mobile development. The mobile development capabilities include an optimized browser experience for smartphones and tablets that provide a clean and easy experience. Apart from great browsing experience, Microsoft has also made it easy to access web forums, wikis, lists and document libraries.

Since the introduction of SharePoint, it has delivered valuable, out-of-the-box functionality to meet the specific needs, such as business processes, records management, compliance, and on the go mobile access.

Sharepoint 2013 Mobile Capabilities

The capabilities do not end here, as there are many more wonderful enhancements in SharePoint, which we will review in detail below.

  1. Making websites for multiple channels is an useful feature of custom SharePoint development. One of the most notable change is publishing content on various devices and tablets. Previous version of SharePoint didn’t allow customizable mobile views. As a result, the websites were not accessible over mobiles and tablets. However, with the enhanced SharePoint 2013, you can now render a single published site in multiple designs using different master pages, page layouts and style sheets.
  2. Delivering and accessing content on-the-go plays an important part of the workforce nowadays. Sharepoint 2013 mobile capabilities have now introduced push notifications for mobile and tablet devices which can be activated after a few customization. Our team of SharePoint mobile development is well-versed with this feature and helps to enable push notifications for your phone or tablet, so that the salesforce can stay updated about changes made to your organization site.
  3. Another important feature about Sharepoint mobile development is geolocation. With the help of Bing maps users can make lists about “location aware” by getting the coordinates in form of latitude and longitudes. Developers can track or log geo-specific data and use it to create custom applications and realizing the maximum benefit of SharePoint 2013.
  4. The Office Web Apps server is an additional enhancement of SharePoint 2013. It provides enterprise ready apps like Word Mobile Viewer, Excel Mobile Viewer and PowerPoint Mobile Viewer to allow users access various Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on their existing mobile and tablet browsers.
  5. Introduction of two new native mobile apps – SharePoint Newsfeed app and SkyDrive Pro app have further strengthened Sharepoint 2013 mobile capabilities. The SharePoint Newsfeed app will allows users stay connected and be productive on the go by accessing documents and following people in their team. Also, the SharePoint SkyDrive app enables users to share files online and offline via Microsoft’s cloud environment delivering right content at the right time.

Are you looking to save your important enterprise documents, want to stay in touch about the latest organization updates via mobile/tablet access to the important files, or to enable mobile friendly websites? It is possible through Sharepoint 2013. Our team will help you to implement the best practices of SharePoint 2013 to achieve your business goals.

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  • Milton

    Like Gartner Calls Sharepoint an “Evolutionary Dead End” to which I agree that some of the companies do use sharepoint but in the west the situation is changing as more and more people like to move towards cloud and sooner or later cloud is going to be cheap for any size of the company. Its too late for MSFT to move Sharepoint to Cloud anyway plus companies who already has SP will quit it eventually due to lots of complexities and maintaining SP is time consuming. It definitely is a Dead End for SP in 2 years.

    • Saumil Shah

      Thanks for your comments Milton. Actually with Sharepoint Online, MSFT has already moved to the cloud. Also Sharepoint Online has been changed from ground up and not just an online version of their enterprise product. Plus powerful integration with Yammer will further make it more powerful as a collaborative tool. I feel MSFT has the money and the brains to go after the space, especially now that they have woken up to the new world of Cloud through Office365.

  • Ashish

    I know where you coming from Milton: There is no way anyone can easily migrate to Online version from on-site because of its complexities. Will they succeed in pushing their huge SharePoint customer base from on-premises to Office 365? NO, as people don’t like SP but have no choice, unless they just flat out stop making on-premises software all together. Eventually, they will kill on-site and maintain online version only with O365 and that is obvious by acquiring Yammer in a smart move. They WANT to kill SharePoint on-premises, but they can’t because they aren’t willing to lose the revenue stream, but by 2018 when mainstream ends. On the other end, its too late for them to move online and there are bunch of stuff SaaS will not support and 90% of the users are not going to accept it. Eventually, a new platform will emerge and Yammer will play an important role.

    • Saumil Shah

      Valid points Ashish. Thanks for your point of view

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