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Security Issues in SharePoint Mobile Application Development

01 Jan 2014

Microsoft SharePoint’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative acts as a strong information ecosystem for any enterprise, but it still encounters security threats like phishing, hacking, identity-theft, and data duplication while accessing enterprise information.


Here we’ve discussed the security risks involved while developing a SharePoint mobile application, and how to ensure privacy and maintain integrity for your enterprise data.


SharePoint mobile application allows users to share, add, edit and work on documents just like normal desktop software. “The use of personal devices at work matches high-enterprise demand for solutions to the BYOD security problem,” said Ruggero Contu, research director at Gartner. As demand for mobile access grows, organizations must understand the security issues of SharePoint mobile application development.


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Security Vulnerabilities In Developing SharePoint Mobile App

Use of unauthorized apps


Just because the organization has implemented SharePoint in its IT infrastructure, doesn’t mean that the employees are going to use it. Most of the users prefer using mainstream apps like DropBox and YouSendit, over authorized software like SharePoint. It leads to breach of SharePoint application security with high risks for the enterprise. This issue can be solved by restricting the ability of a user to email an attachment, print, and sending it as link.


Theft/Loss of device


While choosing SharePoint mobile development, one must think – what if the mobile is stolen or lost. Even in a drastic event like this, there is a solution from SharePoint that can secure the device by erasing the enterprise data. But does your development team know about it? Rishabh, as a sophisticated SharePoint development company, takes precautionary measures right from the start of application development, so in case of losing the mobile, all the contents can be wiped off while the data backup saved on a remote office computer.


Authorized access


Every organization has confidential documents that can be accessed by one group but not others, or vice versa. In order to minimize the risks and provide authorized access to documents, the SharePoint mobile development team needs to understand the level of authorization required for documents and folders. Rishabh’s SharePoint mobile application development team identifies the access levels with the type of document, and prioritizes the security measures.


Malicious app attack


Too often, malware, malicious apps, and Trojans try to access confidential organization data. Every developer needs to take care of this SharePoint security issue right from the start. Rishabh uses the highest level of data encryption that halts data tracking from the malicious app. Besides, we also blank the screen when user changes app, so the malicious app cannot capture data from the device screen.


Apart from basic SharePoint mobile security steps such as password set-up, detection of changes in (.plist) files, protected communication, firewalls, we also take care of many security issues occurred at real time instances. We will be happy to help you identify the SharePoint security risks and suggest solutions.

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