5 SharePoint Enhancements For Effective Enterprise Collaboration

For over a decade, enterprises have relied on Microsoft SharePoint to power team communication, build business applications, automate processes, and create company-wide intranets. In 2013, Microsoft released SharePoint Online to let users work and collaborate more efficiently.

With its subscription-based pricing and a slew of new enhancements, the user base of SharePoint grew drastically, catering to 190 million users across 200,000 small, medium and large organizations.

New Microsoft Sharepoint Improvements

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Also, the latest SharePoint Online capabilities enable seamless integration with various tools and applications regularly used by businesses to create/co-author documents, communicate with the teams on multiple projects, analyze data, and drive quick decisions. It facilitates powerful cross-suite integration with Office 365 Groups, Power BI, and various other tools.

SharePoint Online Collaboration Features To Simplify Business Process

Implementing the above capabilities require a thorough understanding of the features and its impact on both business and users. Therefore, we have outlined below five of the most significant SharePoint enhancements unveiled last year.

  • Office 365 Groups: The new enhancements in SharePoint allow site admins to use Office 365 Groups when creating a new subsite. End users can access the new set of communication tools wherein multiple site members can collaborate and create their public or private workspaces. They can also access files, conversations, calendars, and connectors to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) services by clicking the ‘Group Conversations’ icon under the new site.

    Although, the access to this collaboration feature in SharePoint makes team collaboration highly efficient, it requires end users to leverage a different interface outside of SharePoint to avail these services, while still storing the documents within SharePoint.

  • PowerApps: Being one of the most anticipated Microsoft SharePoint capabilities, PowerApps allow users to do a lot more than just creating and delivering mobile app-like UIs to SharePoint lists. Previously, the administrators used InfoPath to develop forms that captured different types of data elements. However, with PowerApps, users can not only build mobile applications that interact with the business data without requiring any code but also gather data from various data sources and deliver it to end users’ mobile and tablet devices.
  • Delve: Microsoft Delve is an excellent content discovery tool. Until the new enhancements were rolled out, SharePoint displayed content to users based on document tags and popularity. However, Delve with the help of AI (artificial intelligence) recommends content to end users by SharePoint site activities. AI analyzes the content available within SharePoint to make recommendations. It means the system displays the content relevant to the user’s role within the organization along with the documents they want to have access.
  • Power BI: Until many years, organizations used PerformanceView, PowerView, Excel and other reporting services to showcase charts and dashboards. With the introduction of Power BI for SharePoint Online, enterprises are now able to have a holistic view of their data. The Power BI dashboard is directly available in SharePoint. However, it has a drawback that only Office 365 E5 users have licenses to access it. Other licensed SharePoint users will require a Power BI Pro license of their own to use its data-driven dashboards.
  • Flow: In the recent years, there has been an increased demand for workflows that can extend beyond the SharePoint boundaries to merge into external online applications. As a result, Microsoft introduced Flow to make it easier to create advanced workflows that can integrate with external services like Dynamics, Salesforce, Twitter and more.

Wrapping Up
The powerful SharePoint Online capabilities have induced high demand for collaboration in workplaces. Therefore, organizations are pursuing extensive SharePoint services to ensure improved accessibility, efficiency, and cooperation. Rishabh Software is proficient at implementing the new SharePoint improvements and aligning them with your business requirements.

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