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27 Dec. 2010 Mobile App

There was a time when people across the globe maintained huge log files and each process was followed manually. But in the dawn of the 20th century, a revolutionary machine was introduced to the world called the Computer! A machine that changed human life, reduced our efforts, increased our efficiency and changed the way we used to work and communicate!

All businesses started using computers for their day to day activities, record management and storing data; which explored an all-together new arena of Software Industry and custom application development satisfying customer demand and reducing their efforts in managing things.

But things never remain the same, likewise, technology keeps changing. Businesses went global and people started working remotely while being at different part of the world. This is when the mobile phone came into picture! When introduced, it was a simple device which was meant only to receive & dial calls, and exchange messages. But it was just the beginning; it lead the world into new Mobile Technology era.

“4.2 billion out of 6 billion people in the world own toothbrushes, and 4.5 billion people own mobile phones,” was the buzzed about statement at the annual Mobile Marketing Association Forum Asia Pacific conference earlier this year.

Mobile Business Applications
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Today, mobile application development is the most popular market to focus on for any small, medium or large businesses. Consumer’s demand keeps changing. No one today in the office sits in front of their computers the entire day. They want to keep themselves updated even while they are on the move. People want to buy travel tickets, order food, buy movie tickets, pay debts, access their social networking sites on the go. They want everything on their mobile phone! That’s where I see a huge market potential to tap into and reach your customers by creating mobile business applications. Have your presence in the mobile space! How? Have mobile applications for your business.

You may have a question “What these mobile business applications actually are?” It is a term used to describe internet applications that run on smartphones and other mobile devices. It helps the user to connect to the internet, desktop applications, intranet applications or even access their laptops/desktop remotely through their smartphone. It could also be a simple WAP website, instant messenger or smart sales/e-commerce application to boost your business.

Today platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and Symbian have made it possible; that too at a very nominal rate. It could be a simple website for mobile business application development platforms or mobile business applications for different platforms that can help to reach your customers and listen to them.

Take your Business on Mobile Apps!

Why opt for Mobile Business Applications?

  • Make money selling your application
  • Cost effective marketing tool
  • Maximizes your approach towards niche market
  • Create a “viral” promotion with your fun app
  • Create and leverage your Brand Image
  • Pre-product launch Marketing
  • Allow customers to contact you easily
  • Allow customers to make instant orders of your products
  • Allow employees to remotely access your business database


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