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Myths about Mobile Application Testing

28 Mar 2013

When it comes to mobile application testing, there are so many myths prevalent, that a novice can easily be convinced. Mobile app testing helps find bugs and provides reliable feedback on them. Beta testers and professional testers not only help in identifying bugs but also gauge application performance before the big release. If it is so good, why are there so many myths around regarding mobile software testing? Let us understand some of the myths in detail and find out more.

You can’t test mobile applications

Some people say there is no physical way to test mobile applications. Though it is difficult to test mobile apps, it is definitely not impossible. There are many ways to professionally test mobile applications using an array of network conditions. Many companies provide the latest technological services for mobile testing. Before you launch your mobile app, make sure you partner with this kind of company and get your app tested.

Mobile traffic has nothing to do with my back-end system

This statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. Though you can’t do much about mobile networks, you must test your app’s performance during high traffic as even moderate traffic can bring down your system and shake up your infrastructure if your app is not tested against traffic.

Performance and functionality test are one and the same

Another ridiculous theory about mobile software testing is that you don’t need to test performance if you have checked for functionality. However, getting the app run and getting the app run successfully are two different things. You don’t want a car that has all functions like a Porsche but refuses to run faster than a camel cart. If your app fails to perform quickly and the user has to wait more than 5 seconds, then your app is history.

Post-production mobile application testing

Many developers believe in testing their mobile applications post production. According to them it gives them real insight. However, in the real world, there are problems such as inability to determine network conditions, gauge the root cause of the problem and inability to reproduce the same scenario. Also if the testing is done in peak hours, the usability might be affected and if it is done in non-peak hours, you may not get the real picture.

Testing is time-consuming and gives low ROI

Testing can be time consuming and may give low ROI just like any disaster preparedness exercise. Mobile application testing is surely less costly than the cost of having a failed application. If you maintain regular testing system during the development of applications, you can not only reduce the time taken for mobile app testing but also the costs associated with it.

All in all, mobile application is an important aspect if you want a successful mobile app. Do not fall prey to the myths of mobile application testing and get your apps tested since early development. It is also important for you to ensure that your app functions smoothly, performs quickly and works under all conditions.

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