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Increase in Demand for Real Estate Mobile App Development

29 Jan 2013

The pace at which smartphones and tablets have adapted to the needs of different users with the help of different applications tailored for specific purposes have also had its impact on the real estate market. It has reshaped the search process for homes as consumers are using easier and faster ways to access real estate information. Many companies big and small in the real estate market have realized the importance of easy accessibility of websites and have optimized their websites for hand-held devices as well. However, mere articles, blogs, and other social networking accounts aren’t enough today for real estate professionals to attract buyers, sellers and renters.

To increase their reach, they have focused on mobile apps development to attract consumers, increase their reach and stand-out in the competition. With the increase in mobile apps development it is becoming a known fact that mobile apps can be of great help to interact and build rapport with customers. With increasing number of mobile manufacturers with varied and improved platforms such as iOS6, Android 4.2, Blackberry OS etc. in place more and more real estate brokers are adding mobile apps to their marketing tool list.

Today a majority of home-buyers download real estate mobile applications to access real estate content easily and even when on the move. In fact, mobile applications provide a quick and convenient way to search and filter through thousands of properties in the neighborhood or countrywide.

An app from a real estate company may have the following features:

  • Property search by city, state or ZIP-code
  • GPS-enabled search
  • Advanced search with additional search filters, such as proximity, worth price, number of bedrooms and baths, garages, pools and spas, different interior and exterior features
  • Search results displaying in map or list views
  • QR codes scanner to get instant info regarding the property of interest
  • Frequent MLS (multiple listing system) info updates
  • Google mapping with Street View
  • Details of the real estate (photos, price, sq. footage, area dimensions, contact person details, etc.)
  • Recent search history
  • Driving Instructions
  • Neighborhood info (schools, stores, etc.)
  • Advice and testimonials
  • Price comparisons

Mobile apps being interactive is proving to be an essential supplement to web and print offerings. It is helping real estate brokers promote their own listings by highlighting and tracking search results and recording statistics. A well developed application can act as a money making machine and mint more money for you and more business for your clients. Hence there has been an increase in demand for real estate mobile apps development.

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