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Native Mobile App Vs Responsive Web Design: A Comparison

19 Mar 2014

Organizations world over have websites to create brand awareness for their enterprise. However, the popularity and spread of mobile devices have grown to such an extent that it has almost become a necessity for the organization to have a mobile version for their website.


Having a mobile presence and interacting with your customers on their preferred medium gives you an edge over the rest. The two most important things that you need to consider regarding your website is whether you want to adapt a Responsive Web Design or want to develop a Native Mobile App.


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We have compared two strategies for you to help and decide which will be the most suitable path for you.


Criteria Native Mobile App Responsive Web Design
Access Speed Very fast Fast
App Store Available at app store May not be available
Approval Process Certain processes necessary No process necessary
Development Cost More Expensive Manageable
Features All native features of the respective OS Limited features available
Functionality Some functions may be eliminated All features of a website available
Internet Requirement Can be accessed offline Cannot be accessed offline
Monetization Can be easily monetized Cannot be easily monetized
Navigation Interactive user interface Static but has a responsive user interface
Optimization Excellent optimization on mobile device Moderate optimization on mobile device
Access Post download & Installation of app Through mobile browser

Depending on the comparison criteria above, you can choose the most suitable and effective strategy to create a mobile presence for your website.

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