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Converting Electronic Medical Record (EMR) iOS App to Android

16 Aug 2019

Learn the best ways of how Rishabh Software helped with porting an EMR application from iOS to Android while ensuring the essentials of application architecture, and offering the same user experience across platforms.

The evolution of mobile applications has transformed various industries, especially in the healthcare sector. Mobile healthcare apps hold considerable significance in reducing the cost of care and improving patient outcomes. Also, while you can have an EMR mobile app on iOS or Android, it is always a great option to be present on both platforms, at the same time.


Read on as through this article; we aim to provide you a brief on critical consideration elements while helping one of our customer with porting EMR iOS app to Android App. We designed and developed an Android version of an existing EMR iOS app.


The best part about this process was to enable the customer with incorporating related app features, creating similar design UI, and supporting them to meet the required budget constraints. Through this app, the users were able to manage their clinical records, treatment schedules, e-prescriptions, billing, reporting, and more. As part of this, you will discover Rishabh Software’s practical approach to porting process.


Why It Was Required To Convert iPhone EMR App To Android

While iOS is a popular platform for EMR apps, Android commands 76% of the mobile Operating System market. Our customer was eager to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to convert iOS app to Android and capitalize on the new growth dimension for their healthcare business.

Modules Of EMR Android App

Login Module


Appointment Scheduling Module

Patients Record Module

Below is the list of all core modules & features that we developed as part of our Android EMR app development effort.


User Menu My Tools Client Records My Alerts Settings Offline Access
My Schedule Daily Log Add New Client Manage Alerts User Profile Settings Use Application Without Internet Connectivity
My Caseload Search/Filter Overdue Progress Notes Add/ Remove Push Notifications Offline Status & Offline Sync Settings Authentication Through Security QA
Display List of Clients Display Calendar Overdue Paperwork Sign Out Local Storage of App Data
User Settings Manage Appointment Client Details
Sign Out Manage Caseload Manage Clients
Manage Medications
Add/Manage Data Collection Form

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Let’s discuss some of the potential challenges we helped the healthcare business to address during the process of porting the EMR iOS app to Android.

  • Design Elements
    We optimized the design elements for Android OS in-line with the existing iOS EMR app like icons, texts, buttons, and more. Even though it was a complex challenge, we managed to ensure user experience consistency for the app.
  • Development Time
    We followed a behavior-driven development methodology to ensure that the porting process is efficient from all perspectives. As even a small change in design would result in extra time for the overall process.
  • Code Porting
    As we had to rewrite the entire app code from scratch, it was essential to focus on the ‘time-sensitive’ elements first. However, as the existing iOS EMR app was written in Vanilla C, we used Java to develop the Android version of the app. It allowed us to reuse the app code wherever possible to reduce development cost and time.

Potential Benefits Of Developed EMR Mobile App For The Healthcare Business

  1. Save time and cost through the remote access of healthcare services like caseload management, appointment scheduling, treatment methods, and more
  2. Prompt response to patients in the case of an emergency
  3. Easy, organized storage and access to patient’s medical records
  4. Business promotion with app features like push notifications and advertisements
  5. Highest ROI through better user engagement and in-app sale

“Your iOS healthcare app might be working well on the App store. However, an Android version can help you to sustain your business growth and provide the best health outcomes to the users.”


To conclude, as a mobile app development services company, we developed an Android version of the existing iOS app that helped the customer to target both smartphones and tablets simultaneously across platforms. As a result, from fixing doctor’s appointments to purchasing medicines, everything is revolutionized today for their EMR mobile app users.

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