Benefits Of SharePoint Online – Collaboration Made Easy On The Cloud [Infographic]

07 Nov. 2016 Microsoft Solutions

Enterprises using on-premise SharePoint had limited capabilities pertaining to team and project-based collaboration. SharePoint Online, Microsoft’s latest endeavor, is offering cost-effective and seamless experience along with apparent cloud benefits which are too hard to resist.

SharePoint Online Features and Benefits

Microsoft wants to emphasize that the data stored on the cloud is equal or even more secure than on-premise implementations. SharePoint in the cloud is also ideal for the connected teams spread across the globe. It includes the following capabilities that are worth taking a note of:

  • A monthly subscription model that facilitates reduced spend on IT and an overall improvement in uptime and availability protected by Microsoft’s SLA
  • Instant access to documents and files on any device with an internet connection. This provides more flexibility than on-premise
  • The inclusion of a number of compliance standards into SharePoint Online. So if you’re a healthcare enterprise leveraging Microsoft SharePoint development, it supports HIPAA out of the box. This reduces the hassles for the IT staff in making systems compliant to standards
  • Seamless roll out of updates at regular intervals
  • Backups that can be taken with a few clicks and restored with ease

In addition to this, Microsoft hosts SharePoint Online based on its Azure service which provides fail-safe and redundant data availability important for mission critical enterprises. Here is an infographic showcasing ten SharePoint Online benefits that will induce you to move to the cloud.

Benefits of Microsoft Sharepoint Online for Enterprise

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