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A Comprehensive Guide To Improving Your Mobile App Abandonment Rate [Infographic]

28 Jul 2017

Mobile app abandonment has emerged to be a grave concern for many businesses today. Every enterprise is reliant on a mobile application to expand customer reach and increase revenue. But the incessant growth in mobile app development has made it difficult for businesses to keep users engaged and turn them into loyal, lifetime customers.


One of the major reasons of app abandonment is the wide variety of applications available on Google Play and App Store.
As of March 2017, Google Play store was placed at 2.8 million apps while App Store allowed users to choose between 2.2 million available apps.


Such abundant availability of mobile apps is, consequently, encouraging users to switch to another app as soon as they are displeased with a particular one, triggering a reduction in an application’s daily active users. However, there are many other reasons that contribute to making users abandon your app. To discover that, check out the infographic below to know how you can combat mobile application abandonment and keep users loyal to your app.


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