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SharePoint Sites: A “One-Stop Shop” for All Your Business Sites

13 Nov 2013

SharePoint empowers the users to build ‘sites’ (public or private) without having specialized technical knowledge. It provides a central location for management of sites in an organization.


Intranet and Extranet networks focus on content, and features and may have different requirements compared to websites which need to give greater importance to user experience. SharePoint offers efficient functionality for both.

Intranet SharePoint Sites

Intranet SharePoint sites or SharePoint Portals provide means to centralize all the accesses to enterprise data and applications. It helps a company in managing its data, applications and information in a better way. It also makes more lucid for the organization. There are rewarding organizational benefits such as employee engagement, central management of core processes, decrease in joining costs of new employees’, and improved knowledge transfers. .

Extranet SharePoint Sites

SharePoint can be used to provide a password protected, encrypted, web based access to people outside an organization. This function is often employed by the organization to integrate the vendors or clients in the organization’s business processes.


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Internet SharePoint Sites

By the ‘Publishing’ feature, SharePoint helps you to manage public websites of large magnitudes. By using built-in Web Part features, you can easily customize the home page and Web Part Pages. A Web Part is a modular unit that forms the basic building block of a Web Part Page. Available when you create your SharePoint site, it gives you convenient, organized lists, images, and text. You can create dynamic informational portals by adding, configuring, and connecting Web Parts to Web Part Pages. By using a Web browser, you can change the picture or add a view of a list on your home page.


SharePoint supports customization with themes and templates. You can change the look and feel of your site by simply customizing the themes. Themes are an integrated set of designs that offer the range of color scheme and fonts for your SharePoint site. You can easily change the theme of the site according to your organization or management personnel.


Templates will help you maintain a consistent look of your site and you will be able to use them for libraries, entire sites, or individual lists. You can reuse or distribute them over different sites by saving templates as lists. Web Parts, list templates and site templates are be stored in libraries that can be used for all sites.


SharePoint sites are easy to use, since it is easy to manage. The reason is SharePoint site integrates perfectly with other technologies resulting in better efficiency. Integration with Microsoft Office makes it work directly with SharePoint sites. People have the ability to access to SharePoint sites and lists of SharePoint Workspace while they are offline and synchronize the changes simply by re-connecting. Besides, having cross-browser support and an advanced mobile experience means that anyone can access and share content from office or from mobile locations.


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