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Importance of Sharepoint For Improving Business Collaboration

21 Nov 2013

Microsoft SharePoint is the most preferred platform of choice for enterprise applications today. It is web oriented platform for collaboration and document management system.


It can be used to create various websites with shared documents or dedicated applications like blogs, forums, wiki etc. SharePoint functionality is presented to the user through editable control elements that display data. Such web parts are placed on pages which in their turn are placed on the portal and are available to the user via browser.

SharePoint Application Development Process:

Microsoft SharePoint has two main products which can be used for application development:


  • Windows SharePoint Services (WSS): WSS is a platform for deployment and content management. It is used for storage of files and folders; it gives basic option for information search, it provides functionality of content management system.
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS): MOSS is the best component for integrating SharePoint functionality into Microsoft Office application. If a document has to be saved as a part of web-application, the solution to use is MOSS.


The process of SharePoint development or the product development stage is much faster than traditional application development and is client result oriented.


Simplified process of SharePoint application development can be given with the following set of actions:


  • SharePoint deployment and web-site creation by default;
  • After Windows SharePoint Services deployment the web-site is created by default;
  • Web-sites collection for the application with a template is created by default;
  • Then there is a creation of the necessary types, lists and user groups;
  • User rights are defined for the lists. Full safety of user information is provided.
  • Necessary application components (i.e. wikis, blogs, calendars, etc.) are added and set up.
  • Web-site interface can be setup as per client’s wishes.

Key advantages for using Microsoft SharePoint:

SharePoint is a powerful tool which enables the creation of web-sites and a big number of applications that use web-interface.


Following are the few SharePoint products advantages for developers, users & organization:


  • Provides full functionality of portal rights after installation
  • Performance and scalability with easy-to-use collaborative tools
  • Provides additional web-components, flexibility, personalization
  • Active Directory integration  with Microsoft Office Products
  • Reduce the complexity of securing business information


SharePoint application development solution provides improved out-of-the-box features, greater scalability and entirely new and easier ways to integrate custom, enterprise-scale applications with intranets, portals, extranets, internet sites and personal sites. It also helps you gain access to a large complement of improvements, components, and accessories that add the critical functionality your business requires.


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