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Latest E-commerce Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

22 Feb 2019

The e-commerce industry has been booming in the last few decades, and it seems it does not intend to slow down. The evident growth is resulting in companies focusing their efforts on developing a more user-friendly customer experience. However, for that, it is crucial to keep an eye on new trends in ecommerce for sales to increase multifold. It will help you modernize your e-commerce operations by customer expectations.


Our article aims to list down and cover top trends in ecommerce industry to consider this year. So, if you are a part of this rapidly growing industry, then you must read them to stay updated.


According to the Enterprise Guide to Global E-commerce and Statista, there will be an increase in worldwide e-commerce sales from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021. By keeping track of latest ecommerce trends will help you act in time to increase your sales and stay on top of your competition.


Current Trends In eCommerce

  1. Mobile Will Take Center Stage
    Mobile phones are used by the next generation of consumers to make purchases. Convenience and accessibility are the driving factors for these online shoppers. So, a responsive mobile site is the need of the hour as part of the eCommerce technology trends. It comprises of integral elements of mobile optimization from chat support to optimized checkout. Monitoring the mobile site performance will also help determine the success of SEO, content and online marketing efforts. An ideal mobile site must instantly load, have good content and perfectly optimized to engage visitors in 2019.
  2. Voice Search Will Be A Necessity
    Voice search is becoming popular online. The day is not far away when the voice search will replace typing and force every e-commerce website owner to add this feature to the website. It is indeed the future of e-commerce because people do not want to spend the time to type a query, especially when they are on the move. Global web index suggested that 1 in 5 adults uses mobile voice search at least once a month. Further, estimates indicate that 50% of all searches will comprise of voice search by 2020.Therefore, the eCommerce website must be voice optimized, and not just text. Interestingly, a US-based outdoor gear and apparel brand achieve a 24 percent increase in revenue by enabling voice-enabled search. Further, to cater to global markets, you could even optimize the local voice search. An integral component of this exercise would be the usage of common language and structure that reflects on the way people speak.
  3. Personalization Will Dominate Buying Cycles
    Personalization helps with easy customer segmentation. It is based on the analysis of their buying behavior history. The eCommerce companies are actively working on personalizing the buying process for each user. Most of the major websites in this space, such as Amazon, uses customer’s browsing history to share recommendations. As part of this, they were able to up their revenue by 35% due to the product recommendations by personalizing the products for customers. It is considered as one of the recent trends in ecommerce. It will be on the surge during 2019, as brands will use customers’ data to create relevant content and products to cater to their needs.
  4. Payment Methods Will Continue To Evolve
    Mobile payments and cryptocurrencies are leading the change in payment methodologies. It is part of the current trends in ecommerce. Further, it comprises of specific payment methods and quantified categories of people like Kodak coin for photographers and mucioin for musicians. Therefore, not having sufficient payments for your eCommerce portal will result in shopping cart abandonment. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay are some of the popular digital wallets. Further, the use of instant layby such as Afterpay and Zippay are also on the rise. By leveraging Magento, you can utilize extensions to add a variety of payment solutions to your website. Significantly, the use of mobile payments is also increasing. Also, according to the Washington Post, 70% of people believe mobile payments will overtake cash and cards by the year 2030.
  5. Application Of Augmented Reality
    Augmented reality offers new ways of displaying products beyond the physical store. It provides a great way to improve the customer experience while making their purchase decisions. It has the potential to multiply the sales revenues at a phenomenal pace as the customers get to learn and explore the different features of the product. Globally, as part of eCommerce future trends, the market for augmented reality is expected to reach $ 133.78 billion by 2021, as suggested by market research studies.An exciting example of this is for one of our customers – See here

To conclude, one of the crucial aspects of managing the e-commerce store is to stay abreast of the evolving digital trends. The listed above are some of the most radical developments that will have a significant impact on the eCommerce industry. If every e-commerce enthusiast adopts these trends, it is likely that the person will gain a competitive edge and hence can acquire more consumers. They are allowing more insights for the players to target their “real” customers by offering a specific level of personalization and experiences. A proficient eCommerce development company like, Rishabh Software can help you develop a perfect solution that caters to your target audience.

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