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Tips To Build A Business Specific Mobile App

24 Feb 2014

Marketing strategies amongst enterprises have become more dynamic in nature with the rapid adoption of smartphones. The marketing mix includes many stages of online marketing & social media promotions to attract more customers. It also includes mobile engagement of users through a mobile app to improve the success rate of the sale.


Mobile apps for businesses are essential to retain customers with the rise of online purchases. Here are a few tips for mobile app development and how to get a better ROI.


The evolution of technology has introduced smartphones in our lives in a way intrinsic way, which has made it essential for enterprises to develop mobile applications in order to retain its customer base. With the increase in the number of online searches and altering purchasing patterns, developing a mobile app can become an excellent strategy for achieving a better ROI. But, before entering the world of mobile applications, you need to understand a few tips for developing a mobile application.

  1. Knowledge and understanding of the mobile app market

  2. The first & foremost rule for any business is to understand the market scenario. Many fail to realize this and as a result end up in losses. Developing a mobile app without understanding the market can prove to be very risky. You should study and analyze other available apps in your niche and then try to bridge the gap through your mobile app.

  3. Knowing your customer

  4. The mobile app built should be focused on your customers and their needs. If the application is not useful to your audience or accepted by them, your efforts will go in vain. In order to catch the fancy of your customers, you need to provide them with an app that not only caters to their needs but also sets itself apart from the competition.

  5. Integrating your app with social networks

  6. Social networking sites are a great platform to connect and keep a pulse on the needs of your customers. Integrating your mobile app with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Reddit can provide a great boost to your app. Through customer shares and references, you can increase your brand value.

  7. Give a fresh look & feel

  8. Your mobile application, if not updated/upgraded regularly, will fail even if it has been built with many extraordinary features. It is very important to update your app with fresh and up-to-date content to keep your customers engaged. You must know about the latest technology development in the mobile space to stay on top of your game and ahead of your competition.

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