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The Rishabh Charitable Trust

25 Oct 2010

The Rishabh family embraces the spirit of charity. We believe that charity is not just stretching out to the needy by donating money but to go a step further by immersing ourselves in giving back to the society for its non-monetary needs as well. To carry forward these Corporate Social Responsibility activities of Rishabh Software, the Rishabh Charitable Trust was established in 2008.

The Rishabh Charitable Trust in true spirit believes that “Actions speak better than words” and has hence undertaken numerous activities since the time of its establishment. Rishabh Software, being a socially responsible company has carried out a list of activities, a few of which are mentioned below:

Blood Donation Camps:

Rishabh Charitable Trust has held 2 blood donation camps in association with the local blood banks/hospitals to ensure that these blood banks are equipped to help patients in need. By organizing these 2 day camps around Valentine’s Day in February 2009 and 2010, Rishabhites celebrated this day dedicated to love by donating selflessly for this great cause!

Helping underprivileged students:

Ensuring that the future of India get the best facilities to educate themselves, the Rishabh Charitable Trust has been providing computers, stationary and benches to the underprivileged students of local schools.

Supporting Highway Rescue project:

Through its campaign “Golden chance for the Golden hour”, the Rishabh Charitable Trust brought together funds to donate an ambulance to support the Lifeline Foundation for its ‘Highway Rescue Project’ on National Highway 8.

Going Green:

When it comes to building a healthy future, cleanliness and hygiene are the best gifts that we can give to our fellow citizens. Rishabh works hand in hand with non profit organizations to keep its city CLEAN and GREEN, an initiative taken to reduce global warming. One such event was organized on 24th Oct 2010 “Cleanathon”, for which many Rishabhites enthusiastically got on to the streets of Vadodara to show their support by cleaning the roads!

The Rishabh Family under the umbrella of the Rishabh Charitable Trust is on a mission (in the words of Michael Jackson – Heal the World) to make the “world a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race….”

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