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Desk to Web Application Migration Services [CASE STUDY]

02 Nov 2010

Based in California, client is a leading provider of software applications and licensing services for the transportation industry such as Airport Shuttle Transport, Road Transport, and Tourism Industry.

The Business Need

Client had Windows platform based products for its Tour Reservation System and Vehicle Maintenance System. They wanted to develop a web-based interface for their products so that software maintenance and publication of changes would become easy.

The Solution: Application Migration Serivces

The client had a whole range of critical operations and for any enterprise; flexibility and responsiveness become key issues. Some of these operations included regulatory compliances. To address the issues successfully, there was a need to access real-time information about all aspects of their operations as well as the ability to allow their customers to get a personalized self-service interface to their products and services. By web-enabling the operations, the client could cut cost and increase profitability as well as increase their market presence.

  • Tour Reservation System: A reservation management system for companies that sell tours and events by the seat or per person.
  • Vehicle Maintenance System: Designed to comply with DOT (Department of Transportation) and state requirements for maintenance record keeping on fleet vehicles – buses, trucks, shuttles, vanpools, taxis, etc. In addition to normal maintenance activities such as repair orders and parts inventory, it tracked daily inspections, required periodic inspections and accident/incident events. It also notified supervisors of required inspections and tracked driver logbook hours.

Rishabh Software proved its ability in application migration services by transforming client’s existing applications in order to provide cost-effective browser access to business information and data processing. Client-Server applications were converted into web applications allowing more personnel to access business information, often at a fraction of the current operating costs. The project team re-implemented the existing applications as web-based applications developed using ASP.net. The client wanted to have all the forms look exactly similar to their existing windows platform application forms. This was a tough challenge as there are technological differences between windows form control and web controls.

In its simplest form, the solution provided a controlled exchange of information between the client and the existing application and redesigning and modularizing the application in multiple layers also improved maintainability.


The application migration services were performed using the below technology.

  • ASP.Net 2.0 using C#
  • AJAX
  • SQL Server 2000

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