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How to Build Winning eCommerce Strategy, a Live Webinar by Rishabh Software

20 Apr 2018

Learn how to help customers assess, improve and develop eCommerce strategy on a tight budget.


Vadodara, India – April 20, 2018: Rishabh Software, a leading enterprise solutions provider, will be hosting an eCommerce webinar to help companies interested in exploring multi-channel strategies to optimize their eCommerce operations and accelerate global online sales for their customers.


The free webinar will feature best practice advice from Rishabh Software’s global eCommerce specialists who have helped global organizations boost their business engagement with their retail customers. Rishabh Software’s global online businesses experience spans close to 20 years creating and managing successful eCommerce strategy to help some of the innovative brands on the Internet.


The webinar will cover multiple facets of strategy development including how to develop web store on a shoestring budget by using just the right technology, how to monetize the store by identifying and generating new additional sources of revenues, how to deliver an omnichannel experience, and finally how to provide the seamless user experience.


Companies supporting customers to create global online businesses today are under tremendous pressure to find new ways to optimize their eCommerce efforts for achieving more profit on a limited budget,” said Raju Shah, CEO, Rishabh Software. “The goal of our eCommerce webinar is to give attendees with the practical and actionable ideas to improve their strategies, operations and bottom lines for effective eCommerce operations.


The 45-minute webinar will discuss the current market share of eCommerce globally, with new trends and technologies. It will be a one-stop opportunity to learn from the presenter the various nuances of how Rishabh Software helped one of their retail customers increase their market share by developing, executing and achieving desired results through a winning eCommerce strategy.
Throughout the webinar, the presenter, Head of IT Operations at Rishabh Software will share the essentials of creating a well-designed, eCommerce go-to-market strategy to drive their worldwide sales. It will help the attendees demystify the various facets of an eCommerce strategy by leveraging the right technology. The session will also have a live question and answer section to mark the conclusion of the webinar.
The ‘Build Winning eCommerce Strategy for your Customer’ webinar is open to all and free of cost. The webinar will be an excellent opportunity for stakeholders developing eCommerce strategies, technical decision makers/CIOs, and consulting professionals to understand better the technology implications on the eCommerce industry.

Webinar date and time:

April 25, 2018, from 8:00 – 8:45 AM PT (11:00 -11:45 AM ET)

About Rishabh Software (rishabhsoft.wpengine.com):
Rishabh Software is an ISO:9001, ISO:27001 enterprise providing software, mobile development, and testing services for building and deploying applications using Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, E-commerce, Open Source & Mobile Technologies. We operate from offices in the US, UK & India with a team of 300+ employees, successfully executing 1000+ projects globally.

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