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React Native For Mobile App Development

18 Apr 2019

React Native is a next-generation cross-platform solution for both Android and iOS application development. The multiple-choice problem-solving capability for application development is one of the significant advantages of react native. It has enabled this framework to gain substantial momentum in the recent past. Giants like Skype, Tesla, Baidu, Discovery, Instagram, and others, rely on its vast potential. The platform fragmentation, code harmonization, and speed of development enable enhancing the performance of the created applications.


It is, therefore, emerging as the next prominent alternative to Objective C, Swift, and Java. The power and simplicity of React make the mobile development workflow relatively easy.


Read on as through this blog we highlight the key benefits of using React Native for mobile app development. Moreover, why it is the best framework for building native mobile apps.


Why Choose React Native?

React Native means fast, responsive and agile application development. Since its inception, it has continued to evolve, equipped with new tools created by its growing developer community.


The most significant benefits of React Native mobile app development is its efficient processing speed with an intuitive user experience offered in the hybrid space. It gives users a native application experience.

Here are some of the reasons why React Native is a preferred framework for app development:

  • Cost-effective
    The time saved during development and deployment is translated into a reduced budget for mobile app development. React Native provides you with consistent JavaScript-based development tools and allows you to tap into the React library. It is full of free resources, which will significantly reduce application costs. It is one of the key React Native advantages, which makes it accessible even among SMEs.
  • Faster Development Process
    It is one of the significant advantages of React Native. Thanks to its “live reloading” functionality, the development teams can now save time on code compilation. It used to take longer while using native programming languages. Changes made to the code are visible in a few seconds, unlike with significant changes written using native technologies. Further, there is a single code base for iOS and Android. It is along with many reusable tools and components improves development speed.
  • Shared Code
    React Native allows you to share approximately 70% of the code. The reusability of the code depends on the technical advancement of the application. It is along with the use of platform specific elements. However, the maximum standard code can be used for simple applications.
  • Enables Creation of Stable Apps
    The simplification of the data binding process enables making the apps more stable. It further increases the reliability of the applications. React Native allows updating only the permitted components. Also, the updates are applied post the changes are made.

Listed above were some of the significant React Native benefits, which enable businesses to adopt this framework for app development. It is also a popular choice of development teams from around the world. In terms of stability, cost, and timesaving, React Native is one of the best solutions. As a front-end development services company, Rishabh Software is a partner of choice for businesses to match the business requirements. Our skilled and proficient team helps create seamless and engaging solutions by leveraging industry-leading frameworks.

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