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Improve Customer Experience With Business Intelligence – Webinar Recap

25 Apr 2019

Hear from Rishabh Software about how business intelligence can help identify and solve the challenges of organizations as well as improve their productivity to meet the next-gen customer demands, and how we are focusing on helping our customers with turnkey solutions.


No matter which business you are involved in, it is always tricky to cope up with the ever-changing demands of the customers. The availability of the right data at the right time is the key here. It helps keep the customers happy and engage employees for an unbeaten run of the business operations.


Many organizations today deal with a large amount of data as part of their business processes. It is across different business applications. With such a large amount of data, it becomes challenging to measure meaningful insights and arrive at actionable elements to achieve the right return on investments (ROI). In such situations, the Business Intelligence (BI) systems can help in a significant way. They derive patterns and provide a lot more detailed data process by ensuring utmost security and privacy. Further, it helps in faster decision-making and creating simplified solutions to the most complex of business problems.


We hosted a webinar titled “Leverage Business Intelligence to Meet Next-Gen Customer Demands” yesterday, i.e., on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, presided by our esteemed speakers- Prasanth N., Head of the Analytics Practice, Rajesh K, Sales Leader, and, Mamta D. In addition to them, we even had our esteemed Chief Technology Officer – Srinivas C making his presence to engage with the attendees.

Mamta and Rajesh initiated the webinar. Rajesh provided a quick overview of Rishabh Software and our Channel Partner Program. Prashant elaborated on the associated benefits for attendees from the webinar. He offered a walkthrough of our Business Intelligence proficiency, and further what to expect from our skilled team. He discussed with the attendees the expertise of Rishabh Software in the three core analytics services (Data Services, Data Visualization, and Business Intelligence). Also, how they can help any business to meet the customer demands along with generating more revenue.

Through his talk, the key customer problem areas around data consistency, less profitable business strategy, and more were discussed. He spent some time on providing the details about our analytics process and the journey of the analytics culture from traditional to data economy. He also highlighted the trending analytics services along with the global and regional wise market insights from trustful resources. He explained the business architecture, offerings, and the advantages of our Business Intelligence (BI) Services. In-line with this, he discussed the strategic value proposition against investment in both traditional and modern BI models. In addition to this, Prasanth shared domain-wise use cases of BI. Even, a couple of customer success stories of our BI services were showcased. Towards the end, Mamta gave an insightful demo of the Business Intelligence Tool designed by Rishabh Software.

As the regular feature of the webinar, the team unveiled the one-time engagement offer to the participants. The session concluded with the responses to the questions asked by the attendees around the role of BI in a data warehouse project, the benefits of creating a business data warehouse, how to develop a BI application without data warehouse, and the typical time to make a proposal for the BI application and a data warehouse project.

To conclude, we would like to thank you if you joined us for the live session, and we sincerely hope you find it informative and useful. In case, you missed the live session; you can still catch it here with the session recording:

Also, we wish to thank you for your questions and hope to see you again in the next webinar. If you have any questions or doubt about the session or our Channel Partnership Program, then you can reach out to us at

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