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5 Reasons Why Xamarin Is Beneficial For Your Enterprise

18 Oct 2017

Xamarin has fast caught up as a cross-platform leader and seems to be the best alternative when it comes to creating a single application. What remains to be seen is whether it can work equally well when it comes to building more than one application.


Can it do justice to your mobile strategy in such a scenario? While native development is also an option, it doesn’t really help in all cases where the code has to be duplicated for additional platforms.


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Developers and businesses alike believe that Xamarin offers the best of both worlds – it provides almost native user experience, around 95 percent or more code can be reused and has a growing community comprising over 700,000 Xamarin mobile app developers. But before you hire a Xamarin development company for your cross-platform mobile app project, take a closer look at the five most important advantages of Xamarin platform.

  • Native User Interface:
    Users mostly prefer an application with a native design. Xamarin Studio (IDE) enables developers to code with C# which provides the benefits of a native user interface, access to device-specific features, and essentially, native app performance. It simplifies code sharing across multiple mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone while shortening the product development lifecycle.
  • Shared App Logic:
    Apart from a native user interface, the ease of sharing the app code to multiple mobile platforms makes Xamarin the must-use cross-platform mobile development tool. The app logic underlying the UI layer that consists of input validation, database interactions, web service calls, and back-end enterprise integrations are coded with C#.
  • API Integration:
    Xamarin allows developers to combine the same APIs and UI controls that are used for developing Android, iOS and Mac application in their respective platform-specific programming languages (Java, Swift, and Objective-C). Its unique binding approach facilitates support for new features right after they are introduced into a device’s operating system.
  • Benefits of C#:
    C# is a sophisticated, general-purpose, and type-safe programming language, mainly for Windows platform. It is object-oriented and a rather modernized version of C++. It enables even the basic data types to be treated as objects. C#’s type-safety feature lets you prevent type errors that can result in erroneous program behavior, without having to use boilerplate or verbose type annotations.
  • Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD):
    RMAD is one of the major benefits of Xamarin. The reason why modern-day businesses prefer cross-platform development over native development is to accelerate their development processes at an affordable cost. Xamarin aptly fulfills this business requirement and also delivers native app-like look and feel, consistent performance across platforms, and exceptional user experience. It further enables 100 percent code reusability facilitated through the Xamarin. Forms libraries for UI development, eventually making the development process faster and easier.


Xamarin leverages advanced technologies such as C# and is an all-in-one solution for your mobile development needs. You can build, test, distribute, and monitor your apps for a variety of platforms with just one tool. Rishabh Software has helped several enterprises around the globe to build customized cross-platform apps while leveraging the Xamarin benefits mentioned above. Do you want your business app to work on multiple platforms? Connect with our mobile experts for professional assistance.

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