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4 Great Ways for Effective Customer Feedback Management using MS Dynamics CRM

05 Jan 2012

Customer complaints, compliments or feedback – whether positive or negative – are always a good source of business information. While providing products and services, every business experiences different levels of customer satisfactions at different stages of the business cycle. Even the best of products and services have issues from time to time. It is a challenge to record all such customer inputs during handling of a project. A CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help manage customer feedback more effectively to gain a better understanding for each customer’s needs.


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Some key challenges while maintaining customer feedback data are –

  • Skipped reporting: The customer rep often becomes biased or forgets to report actual customer words “as is” to their supervisors. This causes loss of valuable data or possibly even worst service if the feedback is inaccurate.
  • Multiple medium: The customer rep receives customer inputs from many different sources such as verbal communication, business meetings, conference calls, email and so on. This makes it difficult to remember and transfer customer input “as is” to management.
  • Managing list: Maintaining latest lists of all projects, services and products offered to all customers becomes cumbersome at times.

There are 4 great ways to overcome these challenges related to customer feedback management using MS Dynamics CRM –

  1. Integrate custom solution with MS Dynamics CRM by developing in-built CRM solution feature:
    MS Dynamics CRM provides a feature to develop custom solution easily by defining custom entities and developing forms without writing any code. Thus even an administrator can provide business solutions without hiring any developer.
  2. Consume MS Dynamics CRM data to and from your legacy customer contact application and Helpdesk:
    If you already have a stable customer contact information system and helpdesk to track customer feedback then CRM can further help you to provide sales and marketing details like product code, service warranty and contract terms and condition data on top of your custom application. The CRM data can be consumed effectively by your custom application with little modification in most cases. Data can be consumed through CSV/ Excel files or SharePoint easily using web services and data adapters provided by Dynamics CRM to import data. Thus you can take more accurate decisions and achieve better customer satisfaction by giving the most appropriate solution in the shortest time.
  3. Plugin MS Dynamics CRM with MS Outlook email client to manage customer communication:
    If your customer complaint medium is primarily email but other mediums are also used then Dynamics CRM can be used to make this process further stream-lined and consistent using your outlook email client. The CRM data can be accessed while communicating with the customer without having to search for the data across multiple systems. It can also provide ready-to-use email templates to speed up communication.
  4. Access CRM sales and customer contact details on your mobile – anywhere, anytime:
    MS Dynamics CRM has out-of-the-box features to quickly publish a mobile version of any page. This allows you to respond quickly to customer complaints and requests immediately using your mobile device and thus delighting your customers with your service.

A well-managed customer feedback tracking system through Microsoft Dynamics CRM can generate great customer loyalty. After all, Customer is the king and Dynamics CRM can help you make them feel like one.

Effective customer feedback management can lead to better customer satisfaction and increased loyalty. Windows Application Development can definitely help you with achieving that. Contact us now or call us on 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) to learn more on how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your business do so.