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A CRM Comparison Guide

12 Jan 2012

There are various CRM products available in the market today. We have compiled here, features of the top CRM products in a CRM comparison guide for you to refer to, before selecting and implementing a CRM product best fit for your organization.

The CRM products taken in to consideration while creating this CRM comparison guide are:

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Oracle On Demand
  • Salesforce.com
  • SAP
  • SugarCRM


CRM Comparison Table

CRM Product Reviews Pros Cons Comments
MS Dynamics CRM Good integration with Microsoft Office products
Reasonable sales force automation (SFA)
Strong technology foundation and architecture
Strong partner delivery network
Heavy browser architecture -fat client
Weak marketing and customer base
Limited to small business organizations
Strong candidate if you need both front office and back office hosted system
Available in on-premise and on-demand deployments making the customer choose the one they are most comfortable with
Oracle On Demand Integrates to Oracle Financials
Nice dashboard
Good data warehousing (lacks flexibility, but good presentation)
Strong sales force automation (SFA)
Not as strong marketing automation or customer service
Lacks deep functionality offered by some other hosted vendors
Offline version is pretty bad
Allegedly poor customer service and turnover
Strong candidate if you like Oracle or are invested in their architecture
Salesforce.com Purely on-demand CRM solution with highest installed base
Built a strong ecosystem around the core product
Apex may be a future boon for Salesforce
Recurring downtime and service interruptions combined with lack of SLA  (service level agreement) scare many
High-use of third party products as a crutch against low functionality
Ridiculous rules around usage limits make management very tough
Questionable customer support
Strong marketing muscle and so perception of product is really well maintained
Provides a discounted Not-for-profit edition
SAP Backing by the largest application software vendor in the world
Isolated tenancy hosted delivery model is a welcome change from most other hosted CRM vendors
Strong ERP can be leveraged into the CRM
The product is new, shallow and comparatively weak when compared to other hosted CRM vendors While the newest entrant to the hosted CRM space, SAP is clearly the application giant of the industry
It’s unclear whether SAP’s hosted product offering is only a defensive move or this solution has a future
SugarCRM The leading open source CRM vendor
Low cost alternative (from a software perspective)
Respectable open source community following
A lot of corporate resistance to open source CRM
Product lacks depth
Installation and implementation can be very consuming
Weak marketing and customer support
We’ve received very different reviews on SugarCRM, therefore, the verdict is still out on this young player
We’re not seeing much love for this solution outside the open source communities

Source: www.comparecrm.com, www.sap.com, www.oracle.com/crm, www.salesforce.com, www.sugarcrm.com


Based on our analysis, through this CRM comparison guide, we recommend MS Dynamics as the best CRM solution for SME – small to medium enterprises.

Compiled By: Mahesh Sah

This comparative CRM guide can help you find the best fit CRM solution for your business and achieve great customer satisfaction levels. Contact us now or call us on 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) to know more on how we can help customize a CRM solution specific for your business needs.