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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Vs Salesforce.com: A Comparison

14 Dec 2011

There are various CRM products available in the market. We have compared 2 best-of-breed CRM products (Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.com) which can help you decide the right one for your organization.

Brief Introduction to the CRM Products:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s main focus is the SME market segment. It is also becoming a standard because of usability, lower price, and its quick time-to-value compared with traditional CRM applications.

Salesforce.com: Salesforce is an application best suited for businesses that are looking for an easy-to-use, rapidly deployable sales management and customer service CRM application. It is ideal for those who are committed to SaaS as deployment approach; especially if they have a large sales team in the field.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Vs Salesforce.com – Comparison:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Salesforce.com
1. Focus on small to midsize-businesses Very large established customers
2. Users have a full range of deployment options: on-premise, SaaS, on-premise hosted, or hybrid The product is only available in SaaS deployment
3. Provides easy integration with Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint. Limited integration capabilities with existing productivity software and line-of-business (LOB) applications
4. Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Customers and solutions partners can take advantage of existing IT investments and in-house expertise to help minimize the total cost of ownership. This is because Microsoft Dynamics CRM is built on the scalable and secure .NET platform and utilizes standard Microsoft tools and technology such as Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio The pricing is about twice that of Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Online edition. Also, in order to do any customization, you must learn a new proprietary language called Apex to add new features
5. It has been designed to allow customers and solutions partners to easily configure data types, workflows, role-based views, and more, through solution capabilities and standard Web services The product is not highly configurable
6. No capabilities for internal social communication Introduced Chatter, which allows for free social communication amongst the company’s Salesforce.com user base



According to Nucleus Research, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a Leader in the CRM Marketplace while 38% of Salesforce.com’s customers are planning to move/ will consider moving to another product.

Based on our analysis, we recommend MS Dynamic as the CRM solution for your company if you are looking for custom features in order to fit your processes. We would also recommend it if you have an installed base of Microsoft technologies. However, Salesforce.com does have some good use cases like for immediate startup and if you don’t plan to modify it much beyond the current features.

(Disclosure: Rishabh Software provides application services in both Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics CRM)


Compiled by- M. Sah

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