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Four Enterprise Mobile Development Pitfalls You Must Avoid

19 Dec 2017

In the digital era, mobility is one of the essential factors contributing to the success of a business. An ever-increasing number of businesses are developing enterprise applications and embracing BYOD to cater to their customers’ on-the-move needs.

A mobile app enables enterprises to tap the massive global audience while significantly increasing their user base and generating more revenue. In addition, an enterprise app helps to streamline and automate various business processes, boost employee efficiency, and interact with customers on the go.


Enterprise App Development Pitfalls

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However, the process of enterprise mobile app development is daunting especially when you need to build an app that can cater to the organization as well as customer requirements. So, here we have outlined four common enterprise mobile development pitfalls you must circumvent in order to implement a winning enterprise app strategy.

Pitfall #1 – Device Fragmentation:

Since it is arduous to predict your users’ preferred devices, your enterprise app needs to support as many operating systems and form factors as possible. Though managing multi-platform apps alongside their device fragmentation and operating system updates can be a costly affair, it is important to ensure a seamless and consistent user experience on all devices.

Pitfall #2 – Increased Demand for Enterprise apps:

With the proliferating mobile devices and its usage, enterprises have recognized the need to facilitate interactive user experiences to their employees, stakeholders, and customers. According to IDC’s prediction, in 2018, the number of enterprise mobile apps will double and spending on enterprise mobility will grow up to 50 percent of the IT budgets.

But how will your organization fulfill users’ ever-growing demand for enterprise apps when it exceeds your team’s capability to deliver? You can do this by examining your internal processes and resources including technology investments and team structure to identify if your existing infrastructure lets you quickly create and continuously deliver superior-quality apps for disparate devices, scenarios, and audiences.

Pitfall #3 – Inadequate Testing & Quality Analysis:

Mobile quality, besides being a critical aspect of app adoption and engagement, adds more complexity to the application release cycle. Although many enterprises still prefer manual testing, it isn’t a long-term solution because it is labor intensive and expensive. In addition, it involves only a limited number of available devices and cannot quickly scale with the release cycles.

On the contrary, automated UI testing can help your teams rapidly identify and fix bugs, validate that your apps function as expected, and distribute it to internal and external QA professionals for feedback and suggestions.

Pitfall #4 – Security:

Enterprise apps with 5-star user experiences have more than just a captivating user interface. Successful apps offer outstanding features such as proactive product recommendations and personalized notifications based on users’ needs, personal information and past activity – all this while ensuring the security of their data and reliable access to legacy systems or cloud-based files.

Moreover, users often expect enterprise apps to provide unique capabilities such as offline app access and contextual push notifications. And your existing infrastructure should be able to scale to millions of users as your application takes off. Leveraging cloud and hybrid cloud solutions enable enterprises to secure their data and connected systems while providing users with real-time access they require to be productive. Cloud technologies further ensure updates at scale along with push capabilities, offline data synchronization, and stern security services such as user authentication and permission management.

To sum it up, the above-mentioned pitfalls in enterprise mobile development are inevitable. But partnering with a reliable custom enterprise app development company like Rishabh Software can not only help you avoid these app development pitfalls but also build enterprise apps that will drive you more users and revenue. Get in touch with us now to see how we can help you get an edge over the competition with an enterprise mobile solution.

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