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Platform as a Service in Cloud Computing [INFOGRAPHIC]

27 Jul 2016

Platform as a service or “PaaS” provides the utility for effective data management, improves efficiency and delivers focused IT operations. It helps the IT team and development teams to focus on the “top of the stack”—the applications and data that distinguishes your company in crowded markets and gives you an edge over the competition.


PaaS in cloud computing is gaining momentum from small to large organizations as the public PaaS market share is projected to increase by 3918% to $68B in 2026. It offers plenty of substance and potential technology benefits for an organization that facilitates efficient data management.


But the decision makers may come up with questions such as: What is PaaS in cloud computing? and what benefits does it deliver apart from creating a rock-solid infrastructure? Besides focusing on creating the development infrastructure, the other core benefits PaaS provides are as follows:

Benefits of PaaS

  1. Businesses can Focus on the Application Layer
  2. Faster App Development and Deployment
  3. Affinity for Modern Widely Distributed Networks


The below infographic helps you to interpret the five benefits PaaS delivers. It not only improves app development and deployment, but also the efficiency and speed of your entire IT operations. It’s true magic lies in how you implement PaaS to best effect your business-specific needs. From ROI perspective, it helps to avoid the cost of buying, managing, and maintaining hardware and system software.


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