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Cloud Applications for Transportation: Revolution or Just a Fad

19 Aug 2013

Cloud computing in logistics and transportation has changed the way supply chains are managed and streamlined.


Logistics and Transport companies have to bear fewer damages, lost shipments can be replaced quickly and easy tracking of shipments helps in resolving emergencies & contingencies in an efficient manner.


The cloud revolution

Cloud applications allow supply chain partners including the consumers, suppliers, and logistics operators to collaborate on various events and communicate seamlessly without heavy up-front capital expenditure. Cloud applications have also improved global shipping and tracking methods allowing companies to expand to uncharted territories.



A Gartner report showed that after the advent of cloud, there has been a significant decline in risk management, so companies will be able to save costs in hiring expensive risk management personnel or consultants. All this is made possible with the help of cloud technology. This way we can safely say cloud applications have fairly revolutionized the transportation industry.


Cloud computing in logistics: Not just a fad


According to the studies conducted, over a quarter of supply chain operators have made plans to shift themselves from their current infrastructure to SaaS. Their reasoning included the

  • Low costs involved in cloud integration
  • Expectations that were unmet with regards to the performance of current infrastructure
  • Changing sourcing strategy
  • Advances witnessed in technology
  • Low to no capital expenditure
  • Minimal consulting and integration fees in the cloud

These results clearly show that cloud applications are here to stay and not just a fad.


Cloud benefits

Until now we discussed only the benefits pertaining to the transportation and logistics industry.


Now let us explore some general benefits of cloud:

  • You don’t need to invest time or energy as all hardware and software is readily available
  • You can use as much or as less as you want thus giving you the much needed scalability and flexibility
  • You don’t need to worry about technology, hardware or software becoming obsolete
  • You can start a new venture with minimum investment in technology
  • You don’t need IT technicians as it is very simple to use cloud applications
  • You have room for trial and error


Cloud applications are very important for supply chain management in today’s time when customers demand 0% error and regulations have become stricter than ever. More and more companies are deploying cloud applications mainly because they are cost-effective and highly user-friendly.


Cloud applications, especially the SaaS have proved to be a sustainable technology for the logistics and transportation industry today. Some companies even opt for cloud integration with their existing software and applications to make the best of both worlds.


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