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Cloud Managed Services To Enhance Cloud Efficiency

23 Feb 2023

Cloud has emerged as a potent technology disruptor, constantly changing and challenging the IT landscape. It is compelling companies to adapt to the innovative paradigm or run the risk of becoming irrelevant. And migrating to the cloud enables streamlining of critical IT processes and simplifies the management of key business applications. It allows you to engage better with customers through agile operations and create long-term business value.

So, whether you have a multi-tenant or hybrid cloud environment, a reliable cloud management services company with extensive ecosystem knowledge can support your environment. Businesses across the globe have recognized Cloud Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as dependable enablers of digital transformation and innovation. They can look into the complexities of managing workloads, making it easier for you to streamline the mission-critical IT processes and critical business applications.

If you are here looking to reap the full benefits of the cloud, this post will help you understand the essentials of managed services and provide inputs on optimizing your cloud environment.

So, let’s dive right in!

What’s in it for You:

What are Cloud Managed Services?

It is an offer by a third-party service provider to help augment your IT infrastructure & in-house capabilities collaboration through cloud platforms. As an outcome, it enhances the competencies you lack and fine-tunes the processes and functions that consistently incur a considerable cost.

These services include:

  • Management of mobility and apps, network operations, IT life cycle & security operations
  • Automation of key business processes
  • Optimization of recurring in-house IT expenses
  • Transformation of IT systems to achieve business goals

Depending on your unique business needs, cloud MSPs can also manage tracking & reporting, backup & recovery, performance testing and more.

Why Cloud Managed Services Make Sense for Your Business

According to Contrive Datum Insights market research study;

  • The cloud-managed services market is predicted to reach roughly USD 6 Billion by 2030. The pressing need for companies to cut down on infrastructural & operational costs is expected to drive the demand for cloud-managed services.
  • North America is expected to have the most significant market share for cloud-managed services. Most of the market growth in this area is due to improvements in technology and infrastructure
  • During the forecast period, the CAGR for the SME category is expected to be the highest. Small and medium-sized businesses will be more likely to use these services as they try to cut costs and improve business operations.

What to Look for in Cloud Managed Services?

While varied cloud-managed services exist, it all depends on the solutions you need and the level of control you require on the infrastructure.

Here are a few additional points to consider:

  • Pricing transparency: Would the pricing change dramatically as per the contract, or would it be a flat rate?
  • Service level agreement: What would be your level of preparedness for any potential downtime?
  • Backup and help desk ticketing: How do you plan to manage all data backup and ticketing for requests?
  • Response time: What would be your managed service response turnaround time to issues such as threats?
  • Scalability options: What is the plan to manage data scalability for the future course? What is the level of preparedness to handle more or the existing one could manage it? Or would you need to look for another service?

Choosing the right cloud management services company, the most suitable deployment option, the best service model, and finalizing the type of workload to be migrated are of prime importance. Ensuring strict adherence to compliance, data security, and privacy in cloud migration are also crucial parameters to consider.

Rishabh Software's Managed Cloud Services Focus

Leverage Our Cloud Management Services

It is crucial to find the right technology partner, like Rishabh Software, for efficient cloud management. Outdated applications disrupt the end-user experience and lead to dissatisfaction & unauthorized software workarounds.

We help architect, build & manage elaborate cloud solutions that simplify your processes and workflows. Our managed cloud services enable you to focus on business strategy and shift the focus from daily administrative tasks.

Here’s the input on the comprehensive portfolio of cloud-managed service offerings includes the following:

  • Cloud Migration: We have experience with cloud migration, be it from legacy app to cloud, or moving apps between cloud platforms. We seamlessly migrate databases, servers, business apps & business processes to cloud platforms that support organizations, and their workflow needs.
  • Cloud Consulting: We combine the extensive digital transformation experience of our consultants, cloud architects, and data engineers with top-rated cloud platforms and technology strategies to help you achieve your business goals.
  • Cloud Deployment: You can count on us to efficiently manage your complete solution operations and provision cloud environments while complying with defined service levels.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): Compute, Database, Storage: Helping you leverage the capabilities of cloud-based platforms like AWS and Azure for building and running apps.
  • Public Cloud Services: Our established, standardized and replicable services are designed to help you develop & deploy on the right cloud platform to ensure security, scalability & ease of management.
  • Cloud Optimization: Our services help you select & provision the right-size resources for specific workloads, apps, services, or ecosystems with end-to-end support. We help develop a strategy to execute and accelerate your move and host and run your operations.
  • Integrations: We help integrate your people, processes, and technologies to deliver the business outcomes you desire based on where you’re in your journey today & where your business is headed. We also support you with defining the roadmap to modernize your processes and maximize operational efficiency.
  • Monitoring & Maintenance: We enable you to exercise complete security control with prompt issue remediation and effective cloud environment management. You can also choose your deployment region and required maintenance services.

Major Cloud Management Challenges & How to Overcome Them

While helping organizations from varied industries, here are a few challenging scenarios highlighted by our clients – as an outcome of applying poor strategies that could lead to the following:

  • Increased Operational Risks: Any failure can result in lapses across crucial business processes. It would include proactive monitoring of the cloud environment around risk management strategies, cloud risk assessment framework, and more. It can bring profitable models such as supply chain & sales operations to a screeching halt.
  • Increased Security Risks: Revenue-generating business applications running on the public cloud are more susceptible to cloud security threats. Considering this, it is necessary to have the best security strategy in place to avert such risks.
  • Ineffective Infrastructure Management: Your cloud migration process can become expensive, tedious, and time-consuming without the right service support. It may result in delays and additional costs.

Our Cloud Technology Capability

As a dedicated service partner, we can enable you to stay updated & manage the latest technologies with required enhancement, maintenance, and upgrades.

We have extensive experience leveraging the services & platforms from two of the most popular cloud platforms – Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure

  • A Microsoft Gold Partner with 8+ years of experience in Azure consulting services
  • Key competencies include technology consulting, Azure development & deployment, analytics-focused solutions, and risk-free migrations
  • We have experience leveraging the 100+ microservices offered by Azure to cater to your cloud adoption needs
  • Our team has extensive experience in developing custom software solutions using the building blocks of Azure’s app development ecosystem
  • Azure migration & managed services for clients globally
  • Azure analytics consulting services to deploy big data solutions, ML models, BI dashboards, and more.


  • An AWS services partner providing technology consulting services & recommending customized solutions
  • Our AWS competencies include AWS application development, cloud migration, cloud BI & analytics by leveraging AWS’s 100+ Cloud Products
  • We cover the entire spectrum of AWS development services, including readiness assessment, roadmap, strategy, implementation, support, and maintenance
  • Our knowledgeable team comprises AWS consultants, SysOps administrators, solution architects, and software developers to help you develop & deploy secure & scalable apps on the AWS platform.
  • Our cloud capabilities enable clients from verticals, including Hospitality, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Fintech & IT, to develop, manage & optimize apps.

Looking for an Experienced Cloud Consultant?

We can help you set up, manage & safeguard your cloud environment so you can deliver better results faster!

Whether you’re running your operations on a hybrid cloud or multi-tenant system, businesses of every size, scope & complexity can enjoy the following benefits from managed cloud services.

Benefits of Our Cloud-Managed Services

Managed services enable businesses to upgrade their IT infrastructure by leveraging skilled resources to deliver on-demand focused app operations.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Services

A dedicated team can oversee the daily operations of specialized applications enabling in-house IT teams to focus on strategic programs and core business competencies. Here’s how:

  • Streamlined Business Processes: Today’s complex IT environment must be connected and capable of securely sharing data anytime, anywhere. Cloud-based managed services ensure seamless integration between the enterprise apps & systems within the information management solutions to simplify processes
  • Fast Response Times: With enterprise-level monitoring and remote cloud services, businesses can expect quick response times. It enables easy access, monitoring & repair of virtually any network issue remotely.
  • Centralized Network Services & Applications: With a centralized data center, a managed cloud network constantly tracks all the applications and servers. It increases and optimizes the availability to further build storage and backup as part of the unified network. Most importantly, it offers remote users easy access to data on any device.
  • Resilient Infrastructure: Supported by 24X7 management and comprehensive network infrastructure, cloud MSPs provide reliable and robust infrastructure support. They monitor, report & manage updates to security patches and integrations & aligning operations with your business goals.
  • Centralized Data Center: All the services and applications are managed and monitored at a centralized data center. It enables remote access to data, boosts productivity, and ensures optimum utilization of resources, adequate storage, and periodic backup, among other benefits.
  • Periodic Updates:  Relying on an in-house tech team to adequately track and manage updates of all types is a little too much to ask for. It might result in delays with additional resources spent on training. With a cloud environment and assurance from managed services, your data centers remain up and running at peak efficiency with timely updates.
  • Compliance Support: Whether you are an online store, a healthcare organization, or a financial services company subject to industry regulations, not adhering to data privacy and security regulations can invite hefty penalties and land you in big trouble. The MSPs can help you ensure compliance with industry regulations, for ex – HIPPA for the US Healthcare industry.
  • Business Continuity: Cloud MSPs have SLAs for enhanced control across service levels. It helps your enterprise to have seamless service continuity. Additionally, Cloud MSP services include agile solutions catering to your unique business needs. Some offer flexible payment plans or pay-per-use convenience, helping you prioritize your budget and cash flow. Cloud MSPs also offer converged solutions such as network monitoring, setting up a new service, or security protection.

Rishabh's Success Stories

Managing IT infrastructure is getting costlier. As your chosen managed cloud services provider, we can help you streamline and simplify core processes to free up resources to enable you to focus on more strategic initiatives. Listed below are some of our success stories;

Case Study: Managed Cloud Services Help Increase Footprint for EdTech Company

Cloud Managed Services For an EdTech Company

An Australian EdTech company wanted to expand its presence. They wanted to modernize their web-based eLearning platform with new features, simple learning delivery processes & good insights for teachers & parents. We revamped it to a fully responsive cloud-based e-learning platform. With cloud scalability as the priority, our team consulted to utilize MS Azure as the cloud computing platform. This migration helped them better leverage Microsoft’s ecosystem capabilities.

Key takeaways;

  • 50% cost reduction
  • 2X increase in new student registrations
  • 40% improvement in learning outcomes

Case Study: Cloud-Based Managed Services To Manage Disparate Data

Managed Cloud Services For a Hospitality Business

A US-based F&B & Resort management company wanted to eliminate data silos and efficiently manage disparate data from 20+ sources. It was an outcome of multiple acquisitions with varied data source integration. They tried to unify their business data and merge numerous business applications. We utilized MS Azure to build a cloud data warehouse that helped them create a centralized data repository. It was with intuitive dashboards to keep a tab on business segment performance.

Key Takeaways;

  • 50% increase in workflow efficiency
  • 40% reduction in data quality issues
  • 99% accuracy of business understanding available on-the-go

To Sum it Up!

By now, we hope you’ve realized that cloud-managed service providers are game-changing business partners in today’s competitive world. They help reduce costly overhead, manage systems & applications like your data center, and even support complex frameworks like a hybrid cloud environment.

Why Rely On Rishabh to Gain Resilience Through Cloud

Our focus aligns enterprises with top-notch security requirements, service-level commitments and application expertise. Clearly defining strategies for future-proofing business can empower the teams with reliable, secure & fast solutions.

As a managed cloud services provider, we offer world-class cloud-based application development services across;

  • Rapid cloud deployments configured to your unique requirements
  • Robust compliance and data security features
  • The flexibility of the pay-per-use model
  • Enhanced productivity with optimized resources utilization
  • Uninterrupted business continuity with the easy handling of heavy workloads

From deployment to integration to ongoing support, our team manages the full solution stack under a single SLA.

We help enterprises build custom solutions that offer scalability with an integrated approach. By partnering with us, you can rest assured across every stage – right from transformation to advisory to optimization of information management apps. We leverage turnkey solutions to deliver security, scalability, and cost-efficiency throughout the cloud journey.

Capture the Transformative Power of Cloud

We can help you build a robust ecosystem customized to your needs, supports your goals & enables you to deliver value.