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EMR Software Development For Efficient Healthcare System

28 Jun 2019

Discover how Rishabh Software is helping healthcare organizations to improve patient care management by building custom EMR solutions.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system allows healthcare organizations to deliver quality health outcomes. It assists in maintaining accurate and comprehensive medical data. Such information includes patient symptoms, treatments, and more health data. On the other hand, an EHR (Electronic Health Record) system helps to share medical information with patients & healthcare providers. Moreover, EHR software contains all the vital features of the EMR system. Rishabh Software has proficiency in developing custom EMR software development. We assist leading organizations in streamlining patient care management and maximizing clinical efficiency.


Read on to learn how we help improve the quality of patient care and the efficiency of medical practices.


Our EMR healthcare solutions aim to address three primary purposes:

  1. Efficiency: Easy-to-use software to reduce administrative workload and streamline care management.
  2. Scalability: Accessible electronic medical record systems for solo practitioners and large multispecialty hospitals.
  3. Quality Reporting: Automated BI reporting empowers the staff for providing high-quality patient care.


Towards this, let’s discuss some of the critical modules of our EMR software solutions.

Core Modules of EMR Software Solution

  1. Patient Portal
    A dedicated portal provides a dashboard view of essential information about patients. It includes demographics, insurance, contact, medication, prescriptions, visit history, and more. A unique registration ID differentiates patients.
  2. Charting
    It comprises of essential elements like personalized templates, voice recognition, chart optimization, and more. The charts help to illustrate the data based on illness, diagnostics, prescriptions, medications, and more.
  3. Lab Integration
    Our EMR solutions help integrate laboratory systems without any hassle. It will help the staff with accurate reporting of the samples faster than other traditional methods. Further, it helps with a faster analysis of the reports by combining the information with charts.
  4. Schedule Management
    Track and organize meetings, consultation, and other events for patients & doctors. The automated reminders through email or mobile SMS help with providing easy reminders to the patients. It helps reduce time & efforts to manage appointments.
  5. Clinic Management
    The dashboard comprises all features of electronic medical records solutions, like patient locator, custom alerts, secure communication, and more. As part of this, the mobile app helps with easy management of critical functions from anywhere. It helps to streamline the essential tasks that yield better outcomes.
  6. Billing System
    It includes components like printing medical bills, claims, and payments for managing extensive billing services effortlessly. It helps to scale up the entire accounting system. This module also enables tracking of patient’s financial data, eligibility, and more.
  7. BI & Analytics Reporting
    Our BI-based analytics framework offers a plethora of reports and insights. It helps integrate quality measures in the workflow by summarizing the patient data, financial information, appointment schedules, and other relevant data to track, assess, and report to optimize the experience for the patients.


We offer fully-customized EHR software development according to your practice’s specific needs. Learn how we helped a leading medical university from the USA to implement EHR solutions that help them to align their facility administration and medical service providers with practice workflows.


Listed here are few more features that we can develop for your ideal EMR & EHR healthcare solution.

  • Quick Automation
  • Tracking
  • Mobile Device Integration
  • E-prescriptions
  • Radiology Information
  • Worklists
  • Cloud Hosting

Tailored Solution For Your Unique Needs

Get powerful healthcare systems for practices of any size

Our EMR Software Development Approach

Rishabh Software follows an agile software development approach to ensure transparency, improving quality while managing predictable cost and schedule. Here are the essential steps that we put-to-practice while providing robust EMR healthcare solutions.


  • Consultation– We narrow down the exact list of required features for your EMR system.
  • Brief Documentation– Our team outlines various software modules & other development expectations.
  • Follow Industry Standards– We use our expertise to comply with standards like HIPAA, HCPC, and more.
  • Develop a Custom Solution– We build highly customizable EMR software that perfectly suits your specialty.
  • Rigorous Testing– Our team makes sure that the software passes through our accurate testing methods & QA processes.


Electronic records make healthcare efficient and cost-effective. Rishabh Software has the right experience of developing next-generation custom solutions for clinics, hospitals, and other health providers. As a reputed EMR development company, we build healthcare systems that follow industry standards. Through that, we help you to maximize productivity, efficiency and control your workflow.

Want To Transform Your Practice?

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Why Should You Invest In A Custom EMR Solution?

Listed below are some of the additional benefits we wish to leave with you. As discussed above, Rishabh Software helps make it easy for healthcare organizations to manage clinical, administrative, and financial processes. Don’t hesitate to connect with us to learn about our entire range of solutions to support your business with achieving success.