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The Ultimate Guide to iOS 12 Enterprise Features

05 Jul 2018

Every year, world’s most popular enterprise mobile operating system, Apple iOS enhances and evolves to become more powerful.


Apple recently launched public preview of the twelfth edition of iOS with a slew of stellar features and performance improvements. So, let’s dive right into the following iOS 12 features list to see what’s new for users, developers and most importantly, enterprises.


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Top iOS 12 Features For Enterprises

Augmented Reality (AR): Apple has enabled augmented reality support for iOS devices through ARKit. The kit facilitates multi-person support and the ability to add AR objects within your Mail and Messages. Additionally, a new AR application called Measure provides a host of new opportunities to enterprise app developers through enhanced 3D object detection, face tracking, and rendering capabilities.


Apple has also developed a new AR file format called USDZ in collaboration with Pixar to help enterprises to create new solutions with AR inside. Business verticals from education and retail to healthcare and many others can now build AR-powered solutions to deliver more interactive consumer experiences.


Group FaceTime: Group FaceTime, Apple’s favorite video chat app, will now be able to host group conversations with up to 32 active participants. This cohesive platform does some intellectual stuff at the server level. It combines all the chats into a single slim feed, enabling the system to identify the speaker and display their image to the front. Significantly, FaceTime’s high-end security will be an added benefit for the Apple-reliant enterprises.


Siri Improvements: The improved Siri helps enterprise users automate their personal and professional routines. The powerful machine intelligence capabilities in the backend allow Siri to ascertain if you’re running late and suggest actions which are quite helpful. Siri further allows the developer to deepen their integration with iOS 12. The third-party applications can create Siri shortcuts to take informed actions rather quickly.


Grouped Notification: Though overdue since long, Grouped Notifications for iOS is finally here. Apple has fixed the notification clutter to allow professionals to keep track of most essential tasks, incoming messages, and app-related reminders. You can assign urgency levels to notifications to what Apple refers to as “Critical Alerts.” It implies that you will now have better control over your apps, and to ensure that the less significant ones do not interrupt your work in any way.


Security Improvements: iOS 12 has some robust security improvements. Firstly, iOS 12 will be available on devices as old as the iPhone 5s and the original iPad Air. It makes it easier for enterprises to secure devices as more number of devices will run on the same OS version and keep getting security patches from Apple.


  • Sharing of location data with emergency services: It will allow emergency services to get the estimated location of any iPhone user calling 911 with first respondents using a mix of mobile phone towers, GPS and Wi-Fi.
  • Password and Authentication Enhancements: Includes one-time filling of automatic password discovery for 2-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Automated strong passwords: lets users generate and store stronger/unique passwords in iCloud Keychain (shared feature with MacOS Mojave and available across Apple products)

The new iOS 12 features, although incremental it will help enterprises enhance security within their company. iOS devices have a strong presence, and with its every update, Apple is focusing on making its OS more secure for the users, that in a way supports iOS app development for the enterprise world.

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