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Is Your App Ready For iOS 10? A Handy Guide To Make Your Apps iOS 10 Ready

19 Sep 2016

iOS 10 is officially available as a free update for iPhone and iPad users across the globe. Millions of users are updating their devices. But is your app ready for iOS 10?


With every OS update comes plenty of features. Organizations are mandatorily required to upgrade their existing apps to iOS 10 in order to retain and acquire more customers.


iOS 10 Upgrade Checklist

Siri and iMessages are the most notable features in iOS 10. Apple has opened up both these core services to be integrated into various ways by developers. Let’s check in detail how these features can help you upgrade your iOS apps.


Siri: This feature will finally enable Siri to do more than just look up information on the internet or set Alarms. Uber and Lyft have already integrated with Siri, so you can now book cabs by talking with the personal assistant.


iMessages: Apple has finally realized that the millennial generation spends a lot of time in messaging apps, so it was only natural for them to open up their platform to take on Messenger and even Skype. With iMessages, you can see a lot of third-party apps integrating interesting services that live within iMessage. You can develop chat-based games like the popular Basketball game in Messenger.

To ensure a smooth transition of apps from iOS 9 to iOS 10, three steps needs to be followed:


1. Validate the app & plan for the new features
2. Test your IT systems
3. Plan the rollout communications


Given below is the detailed checklist for implementing the above process and get your app ready for iOS 10:


  • Join the Apple Developer Enterprise Program and download the beta:
  • Ensure that your team member list for Apple Developer Enterprise Program is up to date
  • Include both internal and external app developers
  • Prioritize your application for testing, starting with your custom in-house apps and the key App Store apps
  • Interact with the third party developers to coordinate test plans
  • Test network connectivity, WiFi, and VPN
  • Validate Microsoft Exchange functions, including calendar and email
  • Check in with your MDM vendor on their timetable for iOS 10 feature support
  • Report bugs and submit feedback to Apple
  • Publish an internal website or wiki with FAQs and support information
  • Deploy Caching Server to speed the download of updates and applications over your local network:

After implementing the above checklist, your app will function smoothly on iOS 10 devices.


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