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How App Redesign Can Boost Conversion for Your Business?

18 May 2018

There is always a need to redesign mobile apps to suit both the aesthetic taste and personalized needs of users as design trends keep evolving with time. Redesigning an existing mobile app is a strategic decision to beat the competition. It includes reasons, like dwindling conversion rate, implementation of new features, and change in business audience or expansion of market outreach, amongst others. Towards this, serious consideration of the target audience is quite essential to profile your real app users.


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Redesigning a mobile app in line with current trends and subsequently improving its conversion rate has become increasingly important for business owners.

Pointers to help Boost Conversion Rate with App Redesign Initiative:

Intuitive Look and Feel

In the ever-changing world of today, the app design must be contemporary, as what is appealing today might become drab tomorrow. For a mobile app to attract and keep users engaged, its UI design needs to be fluid and user-friendly. The UI design of the mobile app must be intuitive and less cluttered for a smoother adoption by the younger generation if that is your focus group. Mobile app users usually take a liking for an application that they can navigate quickly and easily without having to encounter bugs and lags.

Enhanced Personification

Improving the personalization features of an app is an important consideration, as most users love the freedom of customization. The AI technology can help you with gathering information about your users and learning their preferences to deliver just the experience they are seeking from your app. Additionally, the new age applications allow them to choose a theme, create stickers, and further add or delete tools from a toolbar. With these simple features, you can create a personalized UI of the application.


WhatsApp is currently one of the most significant social apps, with over 1 billion downloads on Google Play store alone and over a billion active monthly users. Since its inception, it is pushing out frequent updates that improve the user experience (UX) by paying more attention to the UI design. Recently, WhatsApp introduced the “delete for everyone” feature, which can retract messages 4096 seconds after they are sent. From all indications, the over 700 million active WhatsApp users valued this feature.

Progressive Usability

The redesigning initiative of an app does not just improve the appearance of the app but also enhances its usability. These days, the contemporary mobile UI design is based on automatization principle, where the user doesn’t need to input every data manually, with most of the mobile apps requiring to integrate several electronic forms of retrieving user data. The automatic sign-ins and registration help contribute to this increased usage. For instance, the integration of the Iris and fingerprint scanners into mobile apps ensures those users no longer have to type or remember passwords and can make sign-ins for apps relatively quicker.


With 130+ million reviews of restaurant and businesses from around the world, Yelp is one of the most popular mobile apps globally. It allows the users to search for different services. Their primary objective of app design was to improve and enhance the UX for the end user with a central focus on its usability. Along these lines, they changed the appearance of the app by recreating the navigation element and changing the color scheme, which helped them offer a more luxurious experience.

Optimizing App Performance

It is a pre-requisite of the modern technology world that your app is responsive for the end user, with simultaneous backend process, ensuring the front end does not become irritating, and the app does not take long to open and connect. Heavy designs, graphics, and layout can increase the size of the content, which will affect the app’s loading speed offering a wrong impression to the users. By optimizing the data, size of graphical materials and layout to increase its loading speed and contribute to an overall fluid and easy to navigate the mobile app will help make it useful. It is now common to find developers continually updating their mobile apps to consolidate better the efficacy of most modern smartphone OS – which will ultimately translate into increased added functionality towards improved performance, securing top position in the app store ratings, eventually expanding the app conversion rates.


To stay ahead of the competition, top favorite brands like Facebook, Airbnb, Twitter and many more realize the ultimate value of the redesign initiative for their apps and websites. For businesses, who fail to comprehend the importance of mobile redesign and ignore this important step as part of their journey, ultimately end up with poor to no conversion rate from their mobile apps.


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