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Boost Business Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 App

27 Jun 2018

Microsoft has, yet again, leveled up the ERP and CRM game with the launch of Dynamics 365 Mobile – a comprehensive mobile CRM tool with powerful analytic capabilities.


With a mobile-first approach, Microsoft intends to enable enterprises to simplify, streamline and automate most of their business processes. Dynamics 365 mobile app provides users with on-the-go access to CRM features and functionalities for accomplishing their daily activities, rather quickly and efficiently.


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They can track, respond to, resolve queries, and interact with customers from anywhere, anytime. It helps to improve customer experiences while strengthening the customer relationships. Also, to streamline and automate business processes, Dynamics 365 mobile brings a slew of other features to help enterprises boost productivity and have a competitive edge.

Here are Some of the Stellar Dynamics 365 App Features Outlined Below:

  1. Personalized Action Hub – Dynamics 365 mobile enables you to create your very own mobile workspace. When you launch the application, the personalized action hub displays features that will allow you to accomplish your routine tasks more quickly. You can key in new records, take notes, receive notifications on suggested priorities through smart cards, create communication cards and pin an extensive list of preferred or recent items on your home screen for quick, easy access.
  2. Interactive User Interface – If you are someone who juggles with various business modules and finds it challenging – Dynamics 365 mobile is all you need. The mobile CRM has made switching between multiple business modules including sales, marketing, field service and customer service a breeze. The sleek interface design offers a seamless and consistent experience to users across devices. It even integrates with other Microsoft products such as Office 365 and SharePoint to ensure instant access to your data from any corner of the world.
  3. Offline Data Syncing Capability – If you ever experience connectivity issues on your device, fret not, because Dynamics 365 mobile has you covered. You can create and store records or notes when offline. The app then synchronizes data in the background when it connects back to the internet while you operate it.
  4. Relationship Assistant – This is a brand-new Dynamics 365 feature to power your business with artificial intelligence. The AI-enabled Relationship Assistant comes baked into Dynamics 365. It lets you track and store all the user activity and customer interaction for quick data analysis, action card recommendations, and making informed business decisions.
  5. Color Schemes & Layouts – The new colors and layouts in Dynamics 365 app offers a new look and feel altogether. The designs now accommodate all the essential information in a single screen. It means users no longer need to scroll around the screen to view relevant information at a glance. The dashboard and forms organize the appropriate items to help access the data you need faster. Also, the process bar is more prominent and helps you easily track your progress in the forms.

Final Thoughts

Staying connected with customers while on the move is the need of the hour today. Microsoft Dynamics 365 app helps you do just that. It simplifies your daily business activities and enhances employee efficiency with its extensive feature suite consisting AI-powered Relationship Assistant, configurable dashboards, a direct report to Excel and more.


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