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Simple Ways To Boost Mobile App User Retention With Onboarding

20 Aug 2018

A recent study by Localytics suggested that one in every four users give up using the mobile application after downloading it. Hence, to promote the broader usage of your app more than once, a mobile app engagement strategy is of crucial importance.


The first step on this path is onboarding, which tends to educate users on the core value of the app since it helps foster a habit of using the product. A great onboarding helps the developer lay the foundation for continued success within the app.


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Though before getting to that, one still needs to have mobile app retention strategies in place that not only help nurture users but also enable them to repeatedly harness myriad benefits from the app to ensure that the users don’t lose interest. To help developers and mobile app development companies, here is a list of the best practices and tips on how to increase app retention.


  1. Seamless Onboarding Process: An important consideration during the application development phase, it is all about creating the “right” first impression. The mobile app engagement strategy must include elements free from any process complexities, such as secure log-in, navigation, feature discovery, and more. The registration process must be clutter-free from the long forms with multiple data fields and must include basics such as the username, password, and email address. Alternatively, contemplate integration of the social media based registration.
  2. User Personalization: Personalizing user experience is a simplistic yet effective option to increase mobile app engagement. It starts with addressing the app users by their names and understanding their behavior patterns. Based on their actions, you can create unique experiences that enable long-term onboarding with your app.
  3. Share Value Proposition: The mobile app retention strategy must include an interactive demonstration of the app’s critical benefits that benefit the users, and the ones that stand out from the competition, this is beyond mentioning the app features. It must offer a clear and concise mention of what the app means for its users.
  4. Engagement Priority: While pursuing your app development idea it is vital to consider the primary tasks that the users can accomplish using your mobile app. Moreover, it must do justice for their time, effort, resource, and even the skills devoted for the task completion to increase mobile app engagement.
  5. Notifications and In-App Messages: While notifications with in-app messages are great options to stay in touch with your app users, there lies a thin line between helping the users and irritating them. An acute balance of frequency and content as part of your mobile app retention strategy will enable users to realize the outcome from your app. Don’t get carried away with packing too many tips, hints, and tutorials. Use them strategically within the app. By delivering relevant and quality information, such as how new features are exciting, other updates, and more can help turnaround your app experience.

To summarize, unless a user doesn’t comprehend your product’s core value, and if it doesn’t add significant worth to their life, the abandonment rates of the app are bound to skyrocket. A robust user onboarding process can help mobile app development companies pinpoint and identify factors around how to increase their user engagement. It is a mechanism if done right can help not just increase the participation but even improve user retention with better app stickiness among other elements.

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