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5 Ways to Improve Your Mobile App Retention Rates

08 Jun 2016

For any appreneur, building an application with a killer user interface and great features is not enough for a long-standing sustenance. In the ever increasing world of mobile apps, customers hop from one app to the other in search of the right combination of great service, personalized UX, simplicity and customer value. The present day customers have plentiful options with access to app reviews which makes it even harder for a business to build long lasting customer relationships.


A study by Compuware reveals that around 80 to 90 percent of all mobile apps once downloaded are eventually deleted by the users. App marketers are therefore required to focus on inspiring and retaining existing app users. This means you need to shift your focus from customer acquisition to customer retention.


Essential Ways For Better Mobile App Retention Rates

It’s essential to create a wow factor in your app from day one of launch. Research suggests if your apps survive on the users’ phone for the first 7 days then you have a better app retention rate. This makes it imperative to launch a very strong app right out of the gate. So, take a look the following five ways to increase the retention rate of your mobile app.


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5 Ways To Improve Mobile App Retention Rate

  1. Define and Measure Life Time Value (LTV): Investing your resources into untargeted customer acquisition techniques won’t better your retention rates. You must define and target quality app users who you think will continue to stay engaged with your app and convert over time. To do this, you should first identify key conversion metrics relevant to your brand. Then fragments user acquisition campaigns by track and channel to figure out which channels drive high LTV value. This will not only enhance the efficiency of your campaigns but also lift the retention rates.
  2. In-App and Push Messaging: This plays an important role in increasing user engagement and retention. In reality, in-app messaging can lift the user retention by 3 times. But sending in-app and push messages is not enough. Sending the wrong ones can lead to the reduction in retention. Doing it right will help you achieve higher retention rates and increased app launches as much as by 27%.
  3. Personalization: All app users demand personalization. They expect their app interactions to be customized according to their location, preferences, and in-app behavior. Tracking the in-app behavior of your users will help you design better user experience. This makes it certain that personalization will be the prime component of future mobile app development.
  4. Predictive Insights: Studying and understanding the in-app behavior will help you identify which users are about to churn out. This creates an opportunity for you to save them. Use predictive mobile app marketing to design highly customized messaging campaigns in order to re-engage the users before they’re gone.
  5. Remarketing: Nearly 50% of all mobile app users back out of push messaging, making it really difficult to get them back to your app. Remarketing is the best solution to prevent a user from quitting your app. To re-engage these users, send a compelling reminder regarding your app to the lapsed users via email, search or social media ads. Ensure you tap into the data insights pertaining to your users’ interests, behaviors, and preferences to see that the remarketing ad is effective and of relevance.

As the mobile takeover is already in effect, it is the right time for app marketers to turn towards retention in order to succeed. Retention is a key performance indicator for a successful mobile app, along with engagement and acquisition.


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