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8 Best iOS Tools Every Developer Must Know For Developing iOS Apps

13 Jun 2016

iOS is by far the most popular and advanced mobile operating system developed by Apple. It is used across millions of iOS devices: iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Its high-end platform creates abundant possibilities for developers to build innovative mobile apps by writing high-quality code.


Originally iOS was designed to work on devices with small screens and the applications were written in languages like C and C++. Nowadays, the advanced iOS versions use languages like Objective-C and Swift, and in recent years Swift has garnered much attention which made iOS an attractive prospect for developers.


8 Must-Have Tools To Develop iOS Apps

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However, iOS application development is bringing in new fascinating trends as iPhones and iPads have emerged to be the most popular devices. These devices compel developers to create new age apps. But in order to design and develop such apps, developers require right set of tools which can take their iOS development a level ahead. So, take a look at the following eight iOS app development tools you can use in your current iOS projects.

Best iPhone App Development Tools:

  1. Jazzy: This iOS tool is a code used for the documentation of any iOS app. From any programmer’s perspective, documentation is the key attribute for developing any app. A documented file usually allows the programmer to understand the aim of writing the app’s code.
  2. Hotfix Native iOS Apps: This tool can help you push the code levels to native Objective-C apps instantly. It enables direct access to the app’s methods and patches them by delivering app alert messages.
  3. Gitter: This iOS development tool is built on the top of GitHub. It is mainly used for public and private chats. It also enables the tight collaboration within organizations. Gitter is specifically aimed at developers.
  4. Charter: This is a great iOS mobile app development tool. Basically, it is rendered by Swift programming language that keeps up with the language mailing list on iPhones and iPads. It provides both online and offline view as well as support for message threading for the conversation.
  5. Crayons: This tool is actually a plugin that enhances working with colors in the project. It provides access to the custom colors that are defined in the code. It allows you to share the color pallet in the file which is accessible via writing suitable methods accordingly.
  6. Qordoba: It is a local SDK (software development kit) that works with local files and assets. The main aim of this tool is parsing, in simple words, to establish connectivity between the application and the database associated with it.
  7. Swift Express: This is a simple yet powerful tool written in Swift. It has a framework and a simple routing mechanism. It helps to run the app while managing the dependencies of the project.
  8. iOS Up: This tool comes with a free software which can be easily downloaded. It offers high-quality assets along with a market to purchase those assets.

Although there are many other famous iOS application development tools out there but the ones mentioned above are widely used by the iOS developers. Feel free to utilize it in your IDE (integrated development environment) for building easy and smooth Objective-C or Swift based web and mobile applications.


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