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How Mobile Sales CRM Apps Improve Sales Productivity

29 May 2014

The sales landscape today is changing dramatically and the strategies and tactics that served well even in the early 2000’s don’t always work any longer. Product complexity, customer demands, social interactions and competitive pressures are all driving the demand to reinvent the way we sell to and service customers, or else face Corporate Darwinism.


Sales reps have to be extraordinarily organized in this rapid challenging environment. There’s a requirement of a mobile sales app that helps to ease the sales operation or that first meeting with a client might not go anywhere if you don’t remember to follow up in a timely manner. And if you forget a key name or conversation, forget about closing the deal.


21st Century Sales Superheroes Need Mobile Sales Apps to Compete Successfully

Top challenges faced by sales executives

  • Margins are eroding as sales representatives have less time and knowledge to do a comprehensive job of consultative selling
  • Sell cycles are lengthening as unnecessary delays are introduced into the sales process resulting in sales force having to spend more time tracking down others to help them complete tasks such as needs analysis, configuration, and proposal sign-off
  • Competitive loss & no-decision rates are increasing due to ineffectiveness at presenting the full value of offerings and injecting a sense of urgency into the decision process
  • Customer loyalty is declining as we fail to have the time required to build true business partnerships with our clients


To eliminate the above mentioned sales challenges and juggling of critical information, a mobile sales app is required that can help your sales team become more organized and, most importantly, more productive. Rishabh Software built an innovative sales app that would help sales reps in eliminating use of paper based systems, keep track of their leads, customers and results using mobile & tablet devices in a hassle-free way.

With the mobile sales app, the sales force can execute various CRM functions including:

  • Keeping records of history and status for customers
  • Details of Sales Leads, Opportunities, Accounts
  • Date and Results of every sales call
  • Notes made during sales calls
  • Scheduled follow up actions
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Sales Reports


This integrated sales CRM and reporting mobile app helped the organization to improve sales productivity by delivering benefits to the individual sales reps as they go about their daily tasks, plus deliver a full set of daily, weekly and monthly emailed sales reports to their sales managers.


Mobile Sales App Screenshots

Enterprise Benefits from a Sales CRM Mobile App

  • The sales CRM app eliminated the need of burdensome work of preparing spread sheets from paper based call sheets at the end of every day
  • All data were tracked and stored locally on the iPhone or iPad ensuring rapid access to customer information, follow-up reminders, notes and sales reports
  • The sales app eliminated the need of purchasing expensive software or stand-alone equipment
  • It offered all functionalities required in a sales CRM system at fraction of the cost of the alternatives
  • It was a brilliant tool for small to large sales team size

How can I build a sales app for my team for better sales management?

With the technological evolution, Rishabh Software creates solutions that are developed to eliminate the sales challenges. New business paradigms, innovative processes, next generation sales mobile applications are all proving to have a significant impact on increasing the effectiveness of managing sales.


With our mobile sales app solution, enterprises are dramatically improving their ability to ramp up new reps, support channel partners, communicate more effectively, and eliminate order delays and errors. As a result, they are finding they can more effectively use CRM innovations to improve customer loyalty and thereby increase revenues and margins.


Rishabh Software implements an effective mobile CRM app development strategy. We help organizations ranging from small, medium to large enterprises by developing mobile apps that are consumer centric and beneficial for their business. To know more about on our mobile CRM app development services, call us at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form.