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How Mobility Is Transforming The Education Sector [Infographic]

25 Sep 2020

Today, online education is the new norm over the traditional classroom model. Clearly the demand for mobility solutions in learning has seen a steep rise due to COVID. It offers limitless possibilities for the knowledge ecosystem.

Increasing Adoption of Mobility Tools

Teachers now impart knowledge using intelligent apps and connected devices. The fusion of live video, animations, live chat and other features enable them to

  • Create engaging course material
  • Keep students focused on the content
  • Promote transparent communication

Also, seamless access to devices like laptops, tablets & mobile allows students to learn better skills for development. Also, electronic assessment is coming out as vital for a better learning environment. It helps ensure academic continuity across different levels of education. Spot tests, polls, quizzes, assignments & more help the students stay engaged and motivated. Simply, mobility has brought the world of education at student’s fingertips.

Through the below infographic, we try to answer the pressing question of how mobile technology is transforming education.

It covers

  • Mobility in education – overview & facts
  • Latest technology trends in the sector
  • Why mobility is the need of the hour
  • Potential opportunities & challenges
  • How can we help
Mobility in Education Industry Infographic

Final Note

In the fast-evolving education world, mobile technology plays a vital role. It helps break the silos in knowledge transfer and promote multi-disciplinary education. An ecosystem like this offers personalized and efficient form of knowledge sharing.

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