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Online Education System for Teachers [CASE STUDY]

25 Feb 2011

Client is a University, based in New Jersey, USA, offering a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. The University has grown into a wide-ranging center of learning with a comprehensive array of excellent academic programs spanning across six colleges and schools.

The College of Education and Human Services carries on the University’s proud history of preparing the finest teachers under its ‘Teacher Education Program’; a program where students with a bachelor’s degree pursue an initial New Jersey teaching certificate or fully certified teachers obtain additional advanced certification in the Education field.

The Business Need Online Education System

The College is NCATE (National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education) accredited and the accreditation process establishes rigorous standards for teacher education programs, which holds accredited institutions accountable for meeting these standards. With the growing number of students enrolling for the Teacher Education Program, it was becoming difficult for the College to match up with these standards manually.

The Solution: Online Education System for Teachers

The objective was to create a new integrated web based online education system, which would facilitate quality student placements for field experience and student teaching. It is also aimed to maintain the database for school, district and faculty, which helped in student placement for field work experience.

The online education system stored and analyzed the results of individual student performance on a variety of assessment tasks. The results were used to assist the educators and University administrators to assess the student’s performance on an ongoing basis and in evaluating the programs offered by the College.

The University had a large database of students. This database was stored in easily accessible and manageable modules to help the administration in their placements. The online education system was accessible from two main areas:

1) NCATE – Assessments

The module was responsible for storing and analyzing student’s performance on a variety of assessment tasks.

2) Center of Pedagogy Administration

This module was responsible for tracking the admissions, current status and history of a student into the Teacher Education Program.

Client Benefits

  • Latest technology platform
  • Customizable to interface with University’s current information system
  • Secured and protected confidentiality for faculty, students and administrators
  • Easy process of student evaluation and assigning of evaluators
  • Easy to understand, graphical user interface
  • Automated mail sending functionality to schools, districts, faculty and the administrative authority of the University


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache Web Server

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