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Self Motivation – The Key for Your Success

17 Nov 2011

The dynamics of modern day world find their routes in the psychological evolution of people in different parts of the world. The aspiration levels of various social entities, from the smallest unit-the individual to the largest notable unit-the nation, have seen a visible shift. This shift has had and continues to have a daunting impact on the perception of both self and society at large, for individuals around the globe.

In a strenuous corporate environment, competition is the epicenter of all ideologies and initiatives. Ironically, the focal point of all key deliverables, ‘the individual’ finds itself aloof from all that is communicated, created and constructed in and around him or her. Shelf life of individuals has reduced drastically and experts are running helter-skelter for solutions. So, what exactly is the root cause?

The root cause lies in how individuals ‘React’. React to situations, in their organization, in their country, in their life. A major part of this ‘Reaction’ may be attributed to the amount of self motivation that individual commands over himself or herself. Self motivation would find a lot of theories structured around it. But all would lead us to a single conclusion; “It is the driving force that propels us to do ‘A’ particular thing, in ‘A’ particular situation at ‘A’ particular time in our lives.”

In a congested world where there’s hardly any space to breathe fresh ideas, the drive has to come from deep within you. This self motivation engine is less prone to external friction (and there’s plenty of it around), wear and turbulences. In a dicey weather it keeps you focused on what you ought to achieve using the path you decided to take, not letting you being consumed by the distractions and retractions of the world around you. It is an enigmatic force that gains its thrust from a single world… TRUST in yourself. This is the most important element of this simple equation.

How do we go about developing this aspect? There are lots of techniques available on the worldwide web for improving self motivation levels. Honestly, I find it difficult to understand how they work. But, few techniques that you can readily follow are worth mentioning. Looking into the mirror for 5 mins a day and talking to yourself truly works. A Deep long breath in pressure situations charges you with positivity. A constant peep at your wrist watch for 2 minutes tracking the movement of the seconds’ hand helps you get back the much required focus that is away from worldly distractions. Looking into your palms and saying “I have it in me and I belong to this arena” 5 times before you enter a challenge helps you immensely, as it primes your subconscious mind with positivity unmatched and unfazed by situations.

These activities may open a world of questions that tells you your strengths, weaknesses, highlights your mistakes. They could point to your limitations and most importantly give you solace. It may act as a recap of what has transpired in the very recent past and can throw all the permutations and combinations possible, if you choose options available with you. Results may vary from individual to individual, but one thing they can do is, help you start respecting the person you really are. They help you to shed off all the wear and scrap you have gathered throughout the course of the day by some off-the-cuff remarks by people around you. They can act as a refueling agent for the lost energy. They can pump you with a fresh stroke of air that can help you standup and stand tall… The name of the game is ‘Self Motivation!’

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