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Features And Functionalities Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

17 Nov 2011

Microsoft has come up with a solid feature rich product which has come through years and has evolved as a robust platform, flexible enough to accommodate any size and any kind of business.

More over its availability on premises and on the web, makes it all the more competitive and affordable for various businesses. We shall look at the availability of Microsoft dynamics CRM 2011 later and concentrate on the features available.

The various modules covered by Microsoft dynamics CRM 2011 are marketing, sales and services which cover all entities of the sales cycle from leads (database), accounts, contacts, opportunities, quotes, orders, invoices, contracts, etc. If you go further down into the marketing module, it also allows managing campaigns, its activities and campaign effectiveness!

The sales module covers management of opportunities, quotes, orders and invoices which enables individuals and organizations to track their sales pipeline closely. Various views can be created to track the sales pipeline with graphical charts and then further drill down to month wise, salesperson, product, territory, team, and to all possible levels related to the available fields in forms related to opportunities, quotes, invoices, orders, leads, accounts, contacts, etc. The services module covers service contract management and has the ability to schedule services and assign them to individuals in a calendar.

Apart from sales function related entities and forms, there are several other features like activities, queues, articles, announcements, goals, workflows and dialogs which help automate the sales process and improve productivity, allow better client data management, better responses to customer care, sales team administration, marketing collateral management.

The ‘Goals’ feature helps in setting individual goals, team goals or organization wide goals either revenue wise or count wise (more related to activities). This keeps close track of performance and team productivity.

Workflows help in the automation of processes in the organization and triggers actions on any particular event occurrence, anyone’s attention required and helps putting validations. The ‘Dialogs’ feature help sales personnel or customer support executes to deal with various situations that they may face while interacting with customers through predefined scripts for each individual situation. You can also upload your collaterals in CRM and tag them for easy retrieval.

Another good news is that, Microsoft dynamics CRM 2011 also has smooth integration with Microsoft family products like SharePoint and Outlook which get complete CRM working through outlook.

Microsoft dynamics CRM 2011 platform is so flexible that you can actually accommodate your organizations process and requirements without much customization.

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