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Top 3 CRM System for Small Businesses in 2015

07 Sep 2015

It is a common misconception among some organizations that they are too small or insignificant to use a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software. This is definitely false as small companies can use the right customer relationship management solution to grow their business. As far as CRM goes, the only criteria for its adoption should be the existence of customers who need to be engaged, questions that need to be answered and the awareness that an automated solution can help you manage all of this easily.


Business owners may be tempted to keep the CRM in house since they think they know their business better than anyone else, the fact is a CRM technology can make your life way easier. It is not just a database used to store contact information, but it also tracks all your marketing activities, sales campaigns and even your documents. When it comes to CRM for small business, the top three solutions adopted in the market are Zoho CRM, Salesforce and SugarCRM. The next question is: Which is a better fit with my organization?


Best CRM Software for Small Business

Best CRM for Small Businesses:

Zoho CRM: The aim of this cloud based solution is to improve your business relationships even when you’re on the go. Get real time monitoring and reports on individual clients. Did a customer check out your website? Add items to their cart and then abandoned it? Zoho helps you know about customer specific events and even shows the customer buying pattern in the sales funnel. Worried about competition stealing your business? Stress not. Zoho helps you keep a watch over competition, see what they’re up to and use this information for your business. Whether you need to boost your social media presence, update your business page on Facebook, send event invites or answer customers, Zoho does it all.


Salesforce: Salesforce is great at coordinating internal & external sales, as well as managing sales leads and business contacts. Irrespective of industry, Salesforce packs a punch with the various benefits offered to users. This also makes it one of the top CRM software options available in the market today. The entire sales and lead conversion process is streamlined for you. As a business owner, you can also view how well is your sales team performing. Check on those sales that are about to close and discover ways to empower others to close deals. Your sales team will not only ramp up quickly with the very intuitive Salesforce CRM, you’ll also see the resulting impact on your revenues.


With integration flexibility with phone, social media and email, Salesforce also makes contact management a lot simpler. You can track those customers who need to be reached and the best approach to this. Apart from this, like any other CRM, you’re able to promptly respond to customer queries and stay on top of all your professional relationships.


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SugarCRM: Sugar maintains individual profiles of your customers. As opposed to clubbing them together or sectioning them into demographics, you get to market to your customers on a person-by-person basis. You can take this a step further and use this to convert your social media activities into increased sales. In case you have one or more sales reps on your team, Sugar makes it easy to keep them both in the loop. In addition, collaboration is encouraged. This CRM solution also helps your business to stay on schedule, tracking sales and client activities – leading to better business productivity.


The bottom line is: as an SMB/SME, carefully evaluate your business goals when choosing a customer relationship software. The analysis above is meant to act as a guide to help you make an informed choice about the best CRM for your small business.


Do you require something basic (and free) like Zoho CRM or prefer feature-rich Salesforce experience? Maybe you need something ‘middle-of-the-road’ like SugarCRM with its strong customizability. Finding the right CRM is as simple as trying all of them and picking one that’s the closest fit with your enterprise needs.

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