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Benefits Of Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Retail Business

12 Mar 2019

Modern e-commerce companies require a robust retail management system. It must help them manage their businesses better and provide fantastic service to the customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail is a unified commerce solution that harnesses the power of Microsoft Cloud in an omnichannel environment. A holistic solution, that not only merges both front and back end operations but also helps optimize the end-to-end retail life cycle.


Read on to learn how businesses can leverage Dynamics 365 for Retail to improve customer service and equip their sales and marketing teams with buyer data to stay ahead of the competition.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite covers various aspects of business operations. Its state-of-the-art tools help gain new insights while managing the initiatives across your sales channels. Dynamics 365 Retail helps organizations to achieve better financial performance by optimizing their processes, and reach more customers. It helps develop intelligent, productive, and adaptable solutions towards successful digital transformation.


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Benefits of Dynamics 365 Retail for Business

  • Centralized Store Management: Control daily operations, and track sales at each store from the headquarters.
  • Effective Inventory Maintenance & Management: Assess in full and optimally product availability across stores and warehouses.
  • Usage of Interconnected Systems: Real-time information access for products, categories, and prices to support the sales function.
  • Secure and Trusted Cloud Platform: Manage your business with a heterogeneous computing environment.
  • Stay Updated: Attract new customers and keep the existing ones happy by leveraging data on changing trends and buying habits.
  • Omni-Channel Order Management: Offer excellent customer service through consistent and effective supervision of rules, prices, discounts, and taxes.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: Optimize retail operations and create relevant buying experiences with Microsoft CRM Retail to generate more profits.
  • Improve Inventory Management: Reduce costs and increase profits from sales by using intelligent and automated systems.
  • Maximize Employee Productivity: By employing the scheduling module, employee dashboards, task manager, and more.


The integration of the individual modules of an online store with logistics and mobile payment systems helps reduce costs on maintenance and updates. It also ensures that your capabilities stay in step with your current needs. As retailers juggle operations, inventory merchandising, staffing, Dynamics 365 for Retail helps keep a watchful eye on performance, and processes across multiple channels.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Retail With Customer Service

  • Facilitate smart decision-making by providing information on products and stocks to employees’ to increase business opportunities.
  • Minimize your response time with access to accurate business data. Dynamics 365 Retail saves you from the hassle of manually searching through large databases and lists.
  • Optimize back-office processes for all retail channels, from merchandising to inventory, and from management, to replenishment to provide real-time stock information.
  • Resolve customer issues or grievances instantly by keeping track of their purchase history and customer information.
  • Analyze buying behavior to promote a multi-channel approach with personalized experiences to increase your brand’s value.
  • Offer customers different buying options based on buyer behavior statistics.
  • Include push-notifications and personal reminders to keep customers updated about the availability of their favorite products or previously out-of-stock products.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Retail for Marketing & Sales

  • Deliver a personalized and immersive customer experience by connecting with customers across all touch points.
  • Combine digital, in-store and back-office initiatives by engaging customers through a diversified shopping experience.
  • Map the buying behavior to plan promotions and seasonal marketing activities to target the right customers.
  • Intelligently integrate all your channels to make their shopping experience a breeze.
  • If you operate through several locations, stock up the inventory of the right products based on the product-wise sales, this will ensure you do not miss making a sale due to an out-of-stock product.
  • Personalized recommendations and promotions are a useful tool for customer retention. The buyer data helps to understand the customers better and target their preferences accordingly.

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To conclude, with Dynamics 365 for Retail, leverage the modules that ensure greater sales results with practical and organized processes. It supports retailers across varying sizes, verticals, business models, and operating geographies. Rishabh Software offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting services to help organizations with an integrated product management. We help map all your omnichannel processes without the slightest interruption.


Our team has the expertise to plan and efficiently master steps towards reshaping retail operations. It is with reducing costs, streamlining IT management, and helping secure customers’ data in the cloud. Further, our logistics, order management or return management solutions allow you to centralize your processes, optimize them and avoid redundancies.

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