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FoneMonkey – Automation Testing Tool for iOS Apps – now MonkeyTalk

07 Sep 2011

The growing popularity of mobile applications requires that companies adopt strategies and have automated testing solutions designed specifically for the needs of their mobile applications. Due to its nature, it is always a challenge to have automation testing for mobile applications.


I have been getting many customer inquiries about automation testing tools for mobile apps. So far, there have not been many companies offering free tools, but now there’s hope for all mobile apps developers and testers. Gorilla Logic, an IT-consultancy company has launched an open-source automation testing tool for iOS apps, by the name of FoneMonkey.

FoneMonkey is an easy to learn tool that can be used effectively by both groups, to develop and test. FoneMonkey offers the possibilities to save a script, load, read and conveniently modify it. The user can create test suites that automate the execution of the operation sequences of the users and check the results. FoneMonkey is designed to support developers and quality control tests. Tests of FoneMonkey can be easily incorporated into continuous integration environments. FoneMonkey fills a huge void in the area of ​​agile development and showed pragmatism through automated testing for iOS apps.

FoneMonkey Features

  • Robust script recording and playback — more comprehensive recording and playback for user interactions, including taps, keyboard input, dragging, and scrolling for all Cocoa Touch components.
  • Code generation options —  generation of ready-to-run test scripts in Objective-C under OCUnit, or JavaScript under Apple’s UI Automation tools
  • Optimized for both iPhone and iPad platforms and user interfaces
  • Works on both simulators and real devices
  • Completely automated test playbacks

A few disadvantages of FoneMonkey

  • It does not support Flex and Android application
  • It does not support testing of HTML-based apps delivered through UIWebView

FoneMonkey gives you the ability to easily record, edit and add verification steps to scripts by simply interacting with your apps on the iOS device. So, are you looking to get your iOS Apps tested?


FoneMonkey is now MonkeyTalk

MonkeyTalk now supports Android Applications. This makes MonkeyTalk as the most advanced testing tool for iOS and Android Apps. Its now integrated into a single cross-platform functional testing platform.

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