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Webinar Recap: How To Reduce App Development Costs Using Xamarin?

03 Sep 2018

Hear from Rishabh Software the critical considerations of using Xamarin for cross-platform app development for solving the business challenges, and why adopting Xamarin is a profitable approach from cost and technology standpoint for companies, especially in the SMB vertical to survive in the competitive marketplace.


We live in an era where Mobility is gaining prominence every day as it offers the enterprises to increase a competitive edge by enabling substantial cost savings. With a progressive and evolved technology eco-system it provides a better hardware and software support to become a fastest and more accessible medium that desktop computers. As a result of this, several enterprises achieve more than 60% improvement in their productivity on a YoY basis while developing apps that are focused on supporting the CRM, Financial Reporting, Project Management, and many more essential functions.


Last week, we hosted a webinar titled “Reducing Mobile App Development Costs with Xamarin” on Wednesday, Aug 29, 2018, with Idrish S., from our Mobile App Development Practice. Rajesh K. part of Rishabh Software’s Sales Enablement Team focusing on channel partnership and business growth initiated the webinar with a quick overview about Rishabh Software and our Channel Partner Program, with associated benefits for attendees by leveraging our mobile app development proficiency, and further what to expect from our skilled team.


Idrish initiated his talk with the current trends in the mobility space and the opportunities it offers, followed by the typical app development challenges faced by the customers. He spent some time to discuss in detail the various considerations & approaches the companies must consider with how cross-platform app development for SMB organizations. In-line with this, Idrish discussed the two approaches to cross-platform app development using Xamarin that support the business decision from the technology standpoint along with several cost considerations to achieve a faster go-to-market.


He discussed with the participants the successful projection of the app created by Rishabh Software to help the customer to support their end clients with effective travel itinerary planning. In addition to this, Idrish did touch-upon examples of several other such apps created by Rishabh Software that helped businesses garner maximum returns using Xamarin.


As the regular feature of the webinar, the team shared the one-time partnership engagement offer with the attendees. The session concluded with responses to questions around benefits realized by our customers using Xamarin for cross-platform app development, and why partnering with Rishabh Software while selecting the Xamarin development approach will help them deliver specific outcomes.


We wish to acknowledge your presence if you joined us for the live session, and hope you enjoyed it. Also, we sincerely thank you for your questions and hope to see you around during the next webinar. In case, you missed this action, well you can still catch it here with the recording of the session. Reach out to us at for any of your questions and to learn more about our Partner Program.

Benefit From Cross-Platform Development

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