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Cloud Based Software Solutions for Restaurant Businesses

01 Aug 2013

Cloud computing has proved a boon not only for the IT industry but also for businesses operating in food and hospitality industry.


Restaurant owners and managers are constantly juggling between quality, services and changing customer demands all the time while keeping an eye on costs. To add to that, responsibilities such as compliance, inventory management and bookkeeping take a toll on the restaurant owners. A restaurant management software can prove to be a respite under such circumstances.


Let us understand in detail how a cloud-based restaurant management software can help diners and eateries make their business profitable. The restaurant software primarily helps in simplifying the crucial business processes.


3 Crucial Restaurant Business Processes

  1. Data and process integration

    Chaos and mismanagement are predictable in the food and hospitality business. Too much paperwork, poor workflow and decentralized system can result in loss and mismanagement of information. Cloud integration of all restaurant applications will manage its inventory, staffing and increase efficiency. With the help of cloud-based inventory management solution, the information flow is quick, easy and secure.

  2. Compliance

    Global dining businesses are successful because of its strict compliance implementation. Some of the typical data handled in restaurants on a regular basis are employee records, time records, merchant invoices, receipts and sales reports. It is very essential for all businesses to safeguard this information in order to meet regulatory compliance. The best cloud-based restaurant applications constantly upgrade their services to safeguard the business, which indirectly helps to comply with the latest state laws and legislatures.

  3. Cost-effective and timely solutions

    Cloud-based restaurant apps are ready-to-use, which means small to medium eateries don’t have to invest in hardware and can directly start working from day one. Cloud applications are ideal for restaurants where it is difficult to have skilled IT technicians. Moreover restaurants can use and pay only for the services they need without having to invest in robust systems. A Cloud application provides a cost-effective and faster alternative to traditional methods of communication and approvals like shipping and courier to protect, assess, evaluate and retain documents. It can help improve collaboration between remote offices so they can complete tasks without emails, FTP exchange etc. thereby improving workflow and cutting costs incurred for transportation and distribution.

A Few Solutions To Try Out

  1. Location Based Advertising Solution

    A cloud based mobile advertisement solution to help restaurants proactively initiate audience engagement, build brand awareness and establish higher customer footfall. Dining and eatery owners can increase customer footfall by offering real-time deals to customers in the form of offers and discounts through this solution.

  2. Cloud Based Mobile Payment Solution

    This payment solution, helps restaurant owners manage its accounting, invoicing and taxation. The solution simplifies the payment process for restaurants by accepting various modes of payments like cash, credit cards and debit cards from customers.

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Restaurant Management Software Success Stories

Cloud apps help big and small restaurants alike; whether it is a chain hotel like Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen or a family owned bakery such as Carlo’s Bakery, restaurants can derive significant benefits from it.


Let’s take Carlo’s Bakery, an instantly famed small company, after it was featured on TLC. The Bakery found it impossible to handle the instant boom in orders as they witness over 1000% growth after its television stint. The company instantly decided to move on the cloud through a restaurant order management application which simplifies its staff to take orders from their iPads and phone, set automated approval for just-in-time orders, collaborate with other staff members using communication tools and delve into social media as well.


Customized Restaurant Management System that Integrates Your POS and All Other Processes



On the other hand, Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen, the famous chain restaurants, was finding it difficult to cut down costs and sustain in the low economy. They turned to cloud-based restaurant solutions to improve its operations and cut costs. They migrated to the cloud by migrating their data and business apps to the cloud, in order to improve their inventory tracking, order management, staff management, maintenance and email communications Macayo’s soon started seeing benefits in terms of improved business efficiency .


Both these SMBs took the initiative to turn to the cloud at the right time propelling their business to newer heights. At Rishabh Software, we work with customers to develop custom cloud-based solutions for restaurants and the hospitality industry.

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