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Why Salesforce SharePoint Integration Is An Asset For Businesses?

11 Jan 2019

Salesforce is a solid choice for a CRM platform. It provides excellent support for the marketing and sales needs of businesses. And, it lacks effective document management and storage efficiency. Salesforce is a sensible CRM system. It enables sales teams to manage customer accounts, opportunities, activities, and more.


Our article aims to highlight some of the benefits with Salesforce and SharePoint integration. And, how it extends the CRM’s collaboration and document management capabilities.


To offer better productivity across the board, Microsoft’s SharePoint Online provides advanced, modern document management capabilities much required by a full-fledged CRM provider like Salesforce. Share Point Online as a part of Office 365 package is a reliable, agile document management platform.


Benefits Of SharePoint And Salesforce Integration:

Listed are some of the ways businesses stand to enjoy a Salesforce SharePoint integration:

  • Cost Savings: With Salesforce, licensing cost per user is expensive than SharePoint. A SharePoint and Salesforce integration offers full-fledged collaboration across large cross-departmental teams at a lower price.
  • Improved Flexibility For The Sales Team(s): The combination helps save time by enabling quick and easy access to the required resources. It is on an anytime anywhere basis. The synchronization between the systems allows real-time interaction and instant notifications on updates.
  • Store Large Documents: SharePoint offers secure storage capacity for documents as big as 50 MB files or larger. SharePoint brings offline file access with OneDrive sync. The extensive file support with Salesforce gets restricted to 2GB. Thus with this integration, businesses can do away with restrictions of space constraints and ensure seamless operations every time.
  • Better Document Management: SharePoint enables automatic file versioning management for documents originating in Salesforce. It will provide your teams with better control on created final documentation. The generated documents get single search experience, easy review, and editing. Along with version control, online & mobile editing, and native sharing capabilities. It will help avoid content duplication or problems with file versions. Further, the documentation review process gets simplified by custom workflows across both systems.
  • Deepened Security: Businesses can leverage the customization of access control. So, the SharePoint Salesforce integration will allow users to access only the SharePoint-hosted content with their SharePoint credentials. It is beyond gaining access provided by Salesforce.

The Salesforce SharePoint integration is a logical step for every organization. It empowers organizations to benefit with best features from each product. As discussed, the combination offers not only to help save money but also render seamless user experience between the platforms. It will help enhance increase both efficiency and productivity. To ensure the effective execution of the integration an expert, Microsoft SharePoint development company can help improve the productivity.

Planning Salesforce & SharePoint Integration?

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