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Driving License Process Management Solution [Case Study]

10 Nov 2020

Today’s driving license aspirants look for a solution that helps ease the multi-step process and assist them in test preparation.

Learn how we helped a European customer deliver a smooth online experience across various licensing process stages.

Project Overview

Our client is a France-based agency. They provide management & support for driving license test processes. The client wanted to offer a new experience to the existing web-based solution. It would meet the applicants’ needs.

Rishabh Software helped modernize the solution. We automated the driving license process management system. It allows individuals to manage documentation, the listing of driving schools, control of their travel & logistics and more.


  • Lack of single interface to manage multiple features of the licensing process
  • No intuitive UI
  • Complicated Online Appointment Reservation Process
  • Effective Slot Management for notes


Rishabh Software streamlined the processes of the driving license test process management system. With the up-to-date and correct information, it now offers a better online experience.

Our team integrated the data from different sources. We developed a visual language for the driving license process management solution. It would familiarize and simplify all ages’. We recreated the sections for

  • Appointment Management
  • Driving exam-scheduling calendar with reminders
  • Live tracking of test centers
  • Travel booking for candidates
  • Tips & updates on traffic laws
  • Document management & role-based access
driving license process management solution licenses dashboard
drivers batch action dashboard


  • 4x growth in test success rate with faster training
  • 83% satisfaction rate with new & simplified solution (based on their customer feedback)
  • Single dashboard to track and filter candidates through the application
  • Improved staff efficiency through a streamlined process resulting in reduced operational costs

Customer Profile

France-based one-stop solution provider for vehicle license appointment booking & management


  • Apache
  • PHP
  • jQuery

Automate Driving License Process Today!

Our team helps streamline the end-to-end license permit process by offering an outstanding and modern customer experience