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Key Reasons To Choose iOS Platform For Startups

24 Aug 2018

As far as one considers the app development vertical, whether to choose iOS or Android for their business requirement is the question they encounter pretty often. Though both the platforms are widely popular across the globe, the question remains: which platform should the developer pick? Despite the raging popularity of both the platforms, why iOS has observed the enormous growth of late? Up till the release of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, Apple has experienced substantial progress in not just the U.S., where its market share grew by roughly 4 percent, but all over the world.


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Furthermore, because a growing number of people now have access to Apple devices, including iPad and iPhones along with other iOS devices. Then there’s also the consideration of quality since iOS is known for not compromising on quality and also delivering exceptional features. It is, as a result, has turned the tables in favor of iOS that continues to rope in a growing number of users.


We list down a few compelling reasons why choose iOS platform for businesses, especially startups and small companies for their business process:


  • Revenue Model Focus: The market share of iOS is admittedly lower at this stage compared to Android, but mobile apps in the Apple App Store have been known to produce more revenue as compared to their Android counterparts via in-app purchases or upgrade to a premium subscription. It is one of the significant reason why startups should choose iOS app development.
  • Better Fragmentation:Apple controls the app ecosystem for both the facets of hardware and software for its devices, with iOS device management and its release cycle, including new iOS iterations. It helps control the fragmentation challenges with iPhone app development, and further decrease the overall cost for app development by increasing the revenue margin for the app development company.
  • Intuitive User Experience: A hallmark since its inception, Apple devices offer an overall fantastic involvement for its users as a result of augmented tech innovation. With UX at the forefront of everything, Apple provides a unique ecosystem that attracts users and developers likewise is yet another reason why iOS is a better platform for progression.
  • Specialized Device Focus: Apple keeps an eye on the quality of iOS devices and does not permit the infiltration of third-party applications with questionable quality. It helps reduce the maintenance cost of app management for developers and organizations likewise. It is this trait that often gets linked to the reasons to choose the iOS platform for effectiveness and productivity.
  • Unmatched Security: iOS is a robust platform for programmers that delivers an immaculately safe app for the marketplace with adherence to the firm’s rules and regulations and quality control methods. For iOS development for startups, the developers experience a more conducive and stable environment that ultimately delivers higher returns for the organization.

The fact remains that the success experienced by any app depends on a variety of factors such as the target audience as well as its demographics, financial status, users’ activeness, and device preferences. While app startups and small business face stiff competition, listed above factors answer why to choose iOS development as an effective platform during their early stages. iOS not only offers excellent UI and UX but also enables them to leverage Apple’s sizeable global user market, thus giving them the extensive exposure across the globe. Apple continues to be the first choice for product launches by startups and small businesses, as encouraged by experts.

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