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Modernizing an Email Newsletter Solution to Improve Customer Engagement & Streamline Marketing Campaigns [Case Study]

07 May 2018

With the advent of technology adoption, more than 30% of the global population is conversing via social media, making email the last option to initiate a conversation. Emails have a personal nature, and that is something which social media channels arguably can’t provide. Emails offer an up-close opportunity to engage directly with the customers – primarily through an outstanding email newsletter design.


Our customer wanted to re-develop their existing email design software and modernize the application using latest technologies.


Email Newsletter Design Solution

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Our support included upgrading their current application, assisting their marketing team in creating useful HTML newsletters for improving customer engagement, and maximizing campaign effectiveness. Rishabh Software designed the popular solution through its Application Modernization Services.


Our customer’s current email newsletter design software was outdated and lacked many features like


  • Developing mobile responsive emails
  • Adding dynamic tracking codes/links
  • Option to create email templates from scratch
  • Leverage existing email templates
  • Define the email template structure
  • Changing the template styling with themes


Our client wanted to re-develop its existing newsletter design software and update the application by adding latest email newsletter features and use latest digital technology. We helped our client by modernizing its current application and aiding the marketing team in creating a useful HTML newsletter for maximizing campaign effectiveness and improving customer engagement.


  • Address the current limitations and challenges related to the existing editor software, and take the product to the next level
  • Support creation of mobile responsive HTML emails and newsletters
  • Build a user-friendly solution with more interactive features
  • Automate marketing campaigns


We followed the Waterfall model and developed a proof-of-concept (POC) web application. It covered essential features like:


  • Email/Newsletter Structure
  • Captivating Headlines by H1, H2, H3, H4
  • Mobile optimized content
  • Adding Suitable visual elements
  • Integrating effectual Call To Action (CTA)


After the success of the POC application, we developed a full-fledged product which underwent performance validation and verification using live data. The newly formed solution delivered the desired output – an efficient HTML newsletter design. Our team comprising of software developers, testers, technical lead and project managers enabled successful modernization of existing application by leveraging MySQL, jQuery, and CakePHP technologies. After successful testing, we integrated the new solution into the current software through our application modernization services.


Business Benefits

  • Intuitive editing with drag-n-drop email newsletter builder
  • Email Campaign Automation with detailed reporting & analytics
  • Tablet & mobile ready interactive layouts
  • Includes pre-built templates for email & newsletter designs

Industry Segment

Digital Enterprise

Customer Profile

US-based digital marketing enterprise, helping small businesses leverage digital products to grow their businesses efficiently.

Technology and Tools

  • CakePHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery

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